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What can you do to help? Buy someone #22mealsforacoffee (That’s 22 meals for the price of a £3 coffee…)

While typing my previous post, I had a bit of a brainwave. And I wonder if I can get something going here, with almost 10,000 Twitter followers, 5,000 Facebook fans, 2,000 Facebook friends, 3,000 email subscribers… I wonder if… If, instead of spending £3 on a coffee today, tomorrow, this week, you could do this […]
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Hunger Hurts – Still. A year on…

Today is exactly one year since I typed out, on my battered old Nokia, the words that have been reblogged and repeated in international news reports again and again and again over the last twelve months. The post, entitled ‘Hunger Hurts’, starts with the line: “Today has seen fourteen job applications go in…for care work, […]
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Behind the scenes at the book shoot…

So today was the first day of shooting my book with the team from Penguin, and it’s been a fun – if exhausting – day. I’ve managed to smuggle my own plates and crockery into the shoot, so eagle eyed readers may recognise some of the bowls, plates, wooden boards and pretty forks salvaged from […]
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Skint Foodies: Jack Monroe on Radio 4, Sun 28 July at 1230

Just a quick heads up for anyone that wants to tune in, I’m on the BBC Food Programme today at 1230 with Sheila Dillon. From the BBC Radio 4 website: “Sheila Dillon meets the cooks specialising in great food on small budgets, part of a world of food blogging influenced by life of benefits, periods […]
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“People see me on Sky News and assume I’m loaded. They forget I sleep on a mattress on the floor in a house I share with five people.” The Guardian.

To read the full article by Patrick Butler, click here. Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe. Facebook:

“This woman here has tattoos, and mirrored kitchen tiles. People like this show the same behaviour as crack addicts.”

I don’t normally respond to online comments to news articles, but I have been astounded over the past few days by some assumptions and ‘advice’ on the Guardian forums. Apparently having tattoos and mirrored kitchen tiles makes me akin to a crack addict. 1. Those mirrored kitchen tiles were put in by the landlord that […]
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“I’m the £10 a week food shop girl” – Observer Food Monthly.

For the full article, click here: Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe. Facebook:


This speedy fish supper – really simply a tinkering with a cheap jar of fish paste – takes just a few lazy minutes to put together and tastes absolutely divine. The sharpness of the lemon complements the salmon flavour, and the yoghurt lends a creamy subtlety. When I first put this recipe on my blog, […]
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I’m editing and adding to my ‘fish’ chapter today, and decided to venture away from the sardines and frozen white fish fillets (and occasional bargain trout!) that I normally rely on. I’m old enough to remember when a can of tuna was just 27p – and I also remember a few years ago the cost […]
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Mixed bean goulash, book preview!

This is my mixed bean goulash recipe adapted from the found-and-loved notebook I discovered in the bottom of my wardrobe earlier, and although I intended to cook it for tea tonight, I am still squirrelling away at my book draft, typing up the aforementioned notebook, and contemplating a peanut butter sandwich instead… So, I promised […]
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