£1,049 For One Night On The Streets


Remember that sleep out I did in a car park in March to raise money for the Southend YMCA? Sleeping on a box in a car park and waking up with frost on my face?!

Well thanks to 67 amazing donations, I’ve raised £1049 so far to go towards tackling youth homelessness in the borough of Southend.

The donation page will be open for a few more weeks, so read the account of how I spent an evening sleeping on a cardboard box in a car park at minus three degrees, which was not only physically uncomfortable and absolutely freezing, but also extremely mentally challenging, considering my own experiences over the past year.

Many thanks – I wouldn’t have raised this much for Southend YMCA without your incredible donations. Thankyou for making a difference to young homeless people in my town.

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe

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