Final 60p spent! £5 for five days Live Below The Line challenge – ready to go!

After a quick whizz to my local supermarket with my remaining 60p, I found the following two items in the bottom of the reduced chiller, bringing my total spend for the Live Below The Line challenge to £5.00, for the next five days.

Plus my earlier shop at £4.40:

Total food for the next five days:

300g mixed pepper stir fry (carrot, white cabbage, red pepper, yellow pepper, red onion), 30p
240g broccoli, courgette, carrot and fine beans, 30p
1kg frozen mixed veg (broccoli, carrot and sweetcorn), 75p
411g lemon curd, 22p
White medium loaf, 50p
1l unsweetened soya drink, 59p
1kg white rice, 40p
500g corn flakes, 31p
400g chopped tomatoes, 31p
400g chopped tomatoes, 31p
400g kidney beans, 21p
13g mixed herbs, 30p
500g spaghetti, 39p
1 onion (125g), 11p

I won’t be using my herb garden, chilli plant, spices or anything from my store cupboard. This is it, back to basics, and I’ll see what I can do with it. I’m happier that I have a bit more veg, and will sit down tonight to work out what my meals will be. I can definitely see a lemon curd sandwich and a few bowls of cornflakes coming out of that list!

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