Live Below The Line 2013, Breakfast

My first meal for this year’s Live Below The Line challenge…. Two slices of toast with lemon curd, and a glass of water.


Cost: 6 pence
Calories: 288

I will also be adding my detailed nutrition calculations for the day, adding to them as each meal is consumed. The calories, fat, protein etc in the ‘left’ column are worked out specifically to my height, weight, and activity levels.


Good luck to everyone taking the challenge, and feel free to tweet me for tips, advice, support and encouragement. I’ll be back with a more detailed post later – I need to take SB to school!

To donate to Live Below The Line, a global poverty project, click here:

If you are taking part in this years Live Below The Line challenge and want to share your experience, get in touch at

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe



  1. I have found that by eating a yoghourt for breakfast, i don’t feel hungry again until lunchtime. At the previous times when I eat cereal or toast,. I’d be hungry again about 10:30 in the morning, snacktime. Hmm. Yogs for me now!

  2. Would basics porridge be able to be worked into your food budget? or is even the value stuff not a good enough bang for buck, usage wise?

  3. A small spoonful of lemon curd or jam in a mug of hot water, makes a nice “tea.”

    And a mug of hot water by itself is nice too.


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