Live below the line, day one, mid morning snacks.

Well, it’s only half eleven and I’m already glad I had the foresight to pack some snacks for the day. After breakfast of lemon curd on toast this morning, with a glass of water, I packed two separate 20g portions of corn flakes to graze on, and a lemon curd sandwich. Normally a big protein eater, and off the back of an extraordinarily busy weekend, I find myself struggling to concentrate at my desk.

The cornflake portions cost just over 1p each, and the lemon curd sandwich was 6 pence. In total, my food consumption so far has cost 13 pence for the day – but I only have dry cornflakes left until I get home for dinner. I’m craving something fresh, something unprocessed, something that isn’t a starchy carbohydrate. I’m craving one of my own carrot, kidney bean and cumin burgers, with fresh vegetables and soft, warm rice.

Knocking a couple of quid off my usual food shop has made an enormous difference to what I have available to eat this week, and although I have planned in snacks and grazes through the day, well, you try nibbling on a fistful of dry cornflakes while you’re trying to work!

Not being able to fall back on my herbs and spices or plan a month in advance – this was the challenge I set myself as part of Live Below The Line, as commentators criticised me on the BBC website for daring to have built up a collection of herbs and spices and ambient goods over the past year of frugal eating – so I’m right back to basics. See my earlier post for my total food for the five days, at a cost of exactly £5.00.

The last time I checked, my Live Below The Line page had raised £165 for Oxfam UK, who with the Enough Food If campaign are working to tackle food poverty in the UK and abroad.

Nutrition calculations so far (for my height and weight and activity levels, not a general guideline):

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