Reader’s Recipes: Maria’s Crespillos

Here I send you a recipe my mum used to cook when I was little, it is not expensive at all. it is a Spanish recipe, although I’m from Chile. It’s very easy and low cost, I make it to treat my self from time to time. I gave you approx quantities cause I’ve always cooked without measures, but it really depends for how many people. Make enough butter so you don’t have anything or much left. I hate to waste!

1 bag of spinach leaves
2tb sp flour
1 egg
some milk (can be soy milk, doesn’t matter)
4tb sp of sugar
optional,cinnamon, vanilla or any other spice if you want to add to the mix

Heat up oil in a pan. We mix the eggs, milk,sugar, flour and spice and we will have a liquid butter,we soak the spinach leaves in it and fry.
Serve it warm and sprinkle sugar on top.

Maria de los Angeles Rodriguez Correa

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  1. Have you used the Love food hate waste app ( scottish gov initiative ?) Apologies in advance I am new to this x

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