Reader’s Recipes: Marie-Cecile’s Simple Fried Rice

I have a recipe for you. It is a simple fried rice I prepared for today’s lunch. I guess you may want to try it yourself.

For two persons:

Splash of vegetable oil – 20 ml
Rice – 125g
Sesame oil – 10ml
Dark Soy Sauce – 30 ml
1 big carrot or 2 medium carrots
1 spring onion
50g bacon
2 eggs
1/2 garlic clove
salt, pepper

Cook the rice per instructions (It is best to cook the rice the previous day or use leftover rice)

Cook scrambled eggs in the wok, set aside. Do not add salt.

Chop the carrot and the bacon, mince the clove

Put them in a splash of hot vegetable oil in the wok

Let them cook a bit

Add the rice and the soy sauce. Raise the heat, stir a bit and wait until the rice “pops” , then lower the heat

In the meantime, mince the spring onion

Add the reserved eggs and the minced spring onion

Add the sesame oil (fragile, best to add just at the end of the cooking and not too much because it has a strong flavour)

Add salt and pepper to taste

Stir and NOM!

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