Reader’s Recipes: Laura P’s Chickpeas n Cheese

I was very excited to receive your invite for recipes, I am sure you will be inundated, but here’s one of my own. Possibly my favourite lunch though I would happily eat for every meal of the day. It serves as a sandwich/toastie filler, topping for crackers/oatcakes or a baked potato, or in cold cooked rice or pasta. I haven’t ever considered giving it a name, and I’m sitting right now trying to think of something clever, but nope nothing’s springing to mind and its shortly going to become 9 o’clock so I better go and hit send before the working day begins….

This will suffice for approximately 2 sandwiches, generously. I am not exact as to the weight of the chickpeas – I tend to shake into a bowl what looks right – but this won’t be far off. I soak and boil 125g dried chickpeas for various purposes and use roughly a quarter of that.


30g cooked (or tinned) chickpeas

25g cheese (Asda smartprice, I find it very tangy and flavourful, so you don’t need much, for this or any other recipe)

½ a medium onion, thinly chopped (preferably red, if you happened to have one)

1 tablespoon mayonnaise (Asda smart price, tastes very nice, I find and not too bad calorie-wise either)

Roughly mash the chickpeas with a fork. Add the chopped onion, grated cheese and mayonnaise and stir to combine. All done!! If you were able to leave this in the fridge overnight, the flavours will mingle so much more. I make up the night before for next day’s lunch.

Variations: If you happened to have any pesto to use up, omit the onion and add the pesto. Also, any tinned tuna going spare – add to the mix for an extra protein hit.

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  1. H Laura P. I’ve just come across this recipe, tried it and it’s yummy good. Thanks for sharing.

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