Small Boy off to the Fortnum & Mason Awards…

Small Boy off to the Fortnum & Mason Food And Drink Awards… With me of course, but I’m not as cute in my shirt and tux as he is!!

We’ve been very kindly invited up to the inaugural F&M Food And Drink Awards – I don’t expect my humble offerings are in the same league as ‘the Queen’s grocer’ – but it promises to be a lovely evening. 🙂


Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe

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  1. He’s a little cutie isn’t he – you better get him on all of your blogs! You may have to set up an admirers club for him after tonight and his own blog.

  2. What a cutie! Gorgeous photo. Enjoy the awards, I look forward to reading tomorrows blog post!

  3. Congratulations! I’m sure your culinary offerings are appreciated by more than F&M’s will be. Your son is sooooo cute!! Have a lovely time.

  4. What a handsome little boy he is, Jack – a son to be proud of. Enjoy your evening learning how the other half lives – put away your cares for a little while and enjoy yourself!

  5. Have a really great time the pair of you…and boy is that son of yours a winner, a lovely lad and so well dressed! I’ve never been so smart in 67 years.

  6. Take a bloody big bag for takeaways – theres always food wasted at these things lol (shhhh you lot – its frugal 😉 )

  7. Have a great time. He is a very handsome young man! Thank you for your blog. It reallt makes me think.

  8. What a lovely photo,like the other comments,have a fabulous evening and knock them dead x

  9. Aww how cute! I’m sure you look just as lovely 🙂 have a great evening you deserve it!

  10. Jack, he is, of course totally adorable…Even without that though, am so glad you are taking him with you, particularly for this award… I suspect he inspired you for your genius food and blog…

    (And, I bet you do look just as wonderful dressed up as he does, hope you share a snap of the two of you together all dressed up…)

  11. Isn’t Fortnum & Mason incredible. I went in last year and looked at their caramelised scorpions! Well done you and small boy!

  12. He is so very sweet, you are so blessed to have him. Hope you are having a lovely time, you deserve it.

    Deirdre x Isle of Man.

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  13. Recently saw a single Mum on tv saying £500 per week benefits wasn’t enough as food costs £350!
    I thought the art of frugality that we had to learn years ago had been lost but Jack, you are showing that is far from the truth. You are a true inspiration ( and a local lass). Your son is a credit to you.

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