Reader Recipes: Rod’s Perfick Hot Pud

Never forget the most simplest of hot puds.

Slice and deseed any fruit….you’ll soon discover which one works best for you. We like plain old apple….but pear, pine-apple or orange are also good.

A small knob of butter or other light fat in a pan that has been sprinkled with a little sugar and cinnammon and just “fry” until the fruit is browned and the sugar treacley.

Serve with what ever you like or have, cream, ice-cream, yoghurt, creme fraiche etc.



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  1. This is a good one as supermarkets are scared of soft fruit and tend to reduce the price in the yellow sticker shelves when really they are just ripe. A win for the frugal fruit fancier.

  2. I heat up a tin of Sainsbury’s basic fruit cocktail for a change and either eat on its own or some basic vanilla ice cream.

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