LBL Day Five: Fed up and grumpy,

Day Five.

Friday. Day Five. Fed up and grumpy.

Breakfast was lemon curd on two slices of toast. I don’t think I’m going to eat lemon curd again for a long time after this… 7p.


Lunch was a leftover cold rice salad with courgette, and lemon curd stirred through to make a cold sauce. I’d left it at home by accident, so left the office in the afternoon (which is thankfully only a few minutes from my flat) in pursuit of my lunch. Stomach growling, I sliced up one of the remaining peaches, and quickly devoured a fruit yoghurt as well, bringing my total for lunch up to 27p.


Dinner was the leftover sausage and bean casserole with stuffing mash, at 32p.


I’m counting down the meals now – as this time around the challenge seems never ending. My fridge is looking extremely empty, with just a single yoghurt, two peaches, six slices of bread, two sausages, half a carton of chopped tomatoes and some sausage-and-mashed bean pulp that I’ve prepared to make some burgers. I have some rice left, and some mixed veg, and half a jar of lemon curd – and I honestly can’t wait to see the back of the lot of it!

I still feel okay, not hungry, although a little tired, and think that including extra fruit and vegetables, and whole meal bread instead of white was a smart move – but I’m craving some variety, something that isn’t lemon curd on toast, or cold rice, or cheap, fatty sausage meat. The sugar content in those Basics yogurts are shockingly high, and I don’t think I want to see another jar of lemon curd again for a very long time. I want falafels, curry, tagine, something flavourful and sweet and spicy…

Six more meals, Saturday and Sunday, before I go shopping for the week and go mad with chickpeas and lentils…

Thankyou to everyone who has sponsored me so far – and to new readers, I just want to make it clear that this is not my normal diet, it’s a challenge to raise money for Oxfam!


Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe

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  1. Well done Jack. Your perseverance is to be admired. Even reading your posts about the limited variety (but varitey none-the-less) is helping me appreciate the wonderful variety I have available to me.

    Maybe you could include a tin of pilchards another time. A small tin (155g) is 55p at TESCO and if you could get something like that off the bargain shelf it would make a nice addition to your protein intake.

    In fact a packet of Batchelor’s Golden Savoury Rice with a small tin of pilchards, sardines or tuna stirred through can make a tasty meal.

  2. well done jack with the meals you have shown I will be trying some they look delicious.i went out on fri and brought some herb seeds and they were on an offer and I potted them today so im looking forward to to trying them.also waiting for your book aswell.:-).xx

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