LBL Day Six: Beige, bland, muck.

Day Six of my ‘making a £5 food shop last seven days’ challenge, in line with this years Live Below the Line challenge. This is my second attempt at LBL this year, and I decided to go for seven days as most people do a ‘weekly’ food shop, instead of a ‘five day’ food shop.

Well it’s been difficult not to grouch to myself today that this could have all been over yesterday if I’d stuck to the ordinary challenge and just done five days. It’s been difficult to silence the grumpy little voice in my head as I mash up my last ‘sausage surprise’ in the fridge (made on Monday, I don’t even want to consider the bacterial implications of cold rice in the fridge for five days…), and spoon it in between two slices of value whole meal bread for my lunch. Mm, sausage and stuffing and rice, in a sandwich. Neither my culinary skills, nor my photography, could make that beige, bland, muck into anything remotely appealing.

17p, by the way. You too can eat beige, bland muck for just 17p.

There was a time when I would have given anything for some beige, bland muck, though, and I chomp determinedly on what I can safely say is the most revolting thing I have eaten in a long time. I scoff the penultimate peach immediately after, apologising to my taste buds, but six days after buying it on a yellow Whoops sticker, the peach is wrinkled and bitter. This is not fun any more, and what’s more, there’s a whole day left to go.

Breakfast was a sausage sandwich, at 24p.

I shall add dinner in later – but it will be sausage based too as i start to use up the last few bits in the fridge. I’ve unwittingly had a ‘sausage day’ today, and looking at my notes realise I was saving the first sausage sandwich for a celebratory breakfast tomorrow. Oh well. I suppose that means tomorrow will be lemon curd on toast again. God knows, there’s half a jar of it left.

Thankyou to everyone who has sponsored me so far – and to new readers, I just want to make it clear that this is not my normal diet, it’s a challenge to raise money for Oxfam!

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