LBL Day Six dinner, sausages glorious sausages.

I have just polished off my second to last dinner for this Live Below The Line challenge, and contrary to my earlier grump about sausages and beige bland muck, I devoured this in what felt like seconds.

Sausage and bean burgers! I made these little patties a couple of days ago, with the meat from one squeezed-out-sausage, and half a carton of red kidney beans. The mix made four thin patties for just under 18p – making these my cheapest burgers yet at less than 5p each. I’d be tempted to say I’ve surpassed myself, but I ate two with 100g mixed veg and 75g plain boiled rice, bringing my dinner cost to just under 20p in total – with two burgers left in the freezer!

And truly – these were completely and utterly delicious. So delicious that in fact I’m going to develop them a bit and put them in my cookbook…if they still taste as good when I’m not doing a Live Below The Line challenge.

I had dinner earlier than usual tonight, preoccupied by food and hunger. Yes, I know, I’ve only had two sausage sandwiches and a peach all day before I knocked this up, because of my own eagerness to have something for breakfast that wasn’t yellow and sticky-sweet.

It’s true that everything tastes better when you’re hungry, and this was like dinner from the gods.

One more day. Just one more day.

I have left: plain white rice, lemon curd, four slices of whole meal bread, sausage-bean mixture, half a carton of chopped tomatoes, a sad little peach, one yoghurt, some mixed vegetables, and that 15p I hadn’t spent. And a couple of beef stock cubes. So now what…? Tomorrow looks as though I may be having lemon curd on toast for breakfast, beefy vegetable rice for lunch, and these delicious bean and sausage burgers with vegetables and rice for dinner… I’ll see how the mood takes me.

Thankyou to everyone who has sponsored me so far – and to new readers, I just want to make it clear that this is not my normal diet, it’s a challenge to raise money for Oxfam!

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