Simple Spiced Potato Soup


This is one of my go-to recipes, a whatever-happens-to-be-in-the-cupboard special. I sometimes add a chopped chilli to the onion, and some coriander from my window ledge herb box, but I have given the basic recipe below – feel free to customize it as you wish. when it comes to my lunch, I can be an impatient oik so I tend […]

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“It’s in your power to bring about change.” – Barack Obama, speaking before the G8 summit


On Monday morning, Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, addressed a group of almost 2,000 young people at Waterfront Hall in Belfast ahead of the G8 Summit. Speaking before her husband, Michelle said: “When we reach out and listen from someone else’s perspective, we find that they listen to us. “We need to rise above all divisions, and treat people […]

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Welcome to the G8 Summit


It’s 0929 in the morning, and we’ve secured some hotdesks at the Killyhevlin Media Centre in Enniskillen. ‘We’ are the IF@G8 Bloggers: Jack Monroe – @MsJackMonroe – Hunger and Nutrition Richard Murphy – @RichardJMurphy – Tax and Tax Havens Rosebell Kagumire – @RosebellK – Uganda and Transparency Sarah Robinson – @SarahRobinson78 – Chosen by Mumsnet Shane McCracken – @ShaneMcC – […]

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Soho Food Feast…. In Pictures.


From top to bottom: 1. Soho Food Feast Flyer. 2. Nice man from Brindisa chopping up a bone for Xanthe Clay. 3. Best panzanella I’ve ever, ever tasted – need to go through my business cards and find out who made it! 4. That nice man from Brindisa again… 5. One of the vegetable sculpture competition entries! 6. Spanish rice […]

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“We need to stop just pulling people out of the river.” – Jack Monroe in the Houses of Parliament, 3 June 2013

The full text from my speech in the Houses of Parliament, June 3rd 2013. This morning, small Boy had one of the last weetabix, mashed with a little water, and a glass of tap water to wash it down with. Where’s Mummy’s breakfast? He asks, all blue eyes and two year old concern. I tell him I’m not hungry, but the gnawing pains in my stomach call me a liar. But what else can you do? What else can you do – when you’ve turned off your heating? That was in November 2011, it went off at the mains and I parked furniture in front of it to forget that it was ever there, to alleviate the temptation to turn it on. What else can you do, when you’ve turned everything off at the wall sockets, when you become obsessive about unplugging things, down to the green LCD display on the oven, mockingly flashing away. You learn to go without things, you unscrew the light bulbs. You turn the hot water off and pretend the freezing cold shower is ‘invigorating’, but it shocks you every time. You sell the meagre DVD collection for an even more meagre sum, your sons toys, everything you own. But poverty isn’t just having no heating, or not quite enough food, unplugging your fridge and turning your hot water off. Poverty is the choking, sinking feeling when your small boy finishes his one weetabix, and […]

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Reader Recipes: Joy’s Maple And Banana Pancakes

Joy’s Banana and bacon pancakes with maple syrup. Ingredients to serve 1: 1 rasher of Sainsbury’s basic bacon 30g self raising flour 1 small very ripe banana 60mls milk – or 30ml milk and 30ml water very small pinch salt Small knob of butter, if needed 1 tsp maple syrup to drizzle over. Method: Fry the bacon in its own fat until cooked and as you like it. Set aside in a warm oven. Keep the fat. Wipe around the pan if there are any over browned bits left and you don’t like them. Make the batter. Place the flour and the pinch of salt in a bowl and add 1/3 of the banana, mushed up (I used my hands). Add the milk and whisk into a batter. It won’t be totally smooth because of the banana, unless you zizz it. Make sure the bacon pan is hot (add a little butter if needed) and pour in half the batter. Fry on one side, then turn and fry the other side, then tip onto a warmed plate and keep warm. Do the same with the other half of the batter – you’ll maybe need a little butter in the pan first. Thinly slice the rest of the banana. Serve by arranging the two pancakes on the warm plate, scatter over the sliced banana, top with the bacon and then drizzle the 1tsp of maple syrup over the top. Eat straight […]

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