Welcome to the G8 Summit

It’s 0929 in the morning, and we’ve secured some hotdesks at the Killyhevlin Media Centre in Enniskillen. ‘We’ are the IF@G8 Bloggers:


Jack Monroe – @MsJackMonroe – Hunger and Nutrition
Richard Murphy – @RichardJMurphy – Tax and Tax Havens
Rosebell Kagumire – @RosebellK – Uganda and Transparency
Sarah Robinson – @SarahRobinson78 – Chosen by Mumsnet
Shane McCracken – @ShaneMcC – Our minder! (According to him anyway)

So, we’re all set up with our laptops, mobile phones, cameras, nerves and anticipation, ready as we’ll ever be, and all eyes on the eight world leaders as we push for them to tackle world hunger at it’s root causes.

Decisions made today and tomorrow will potentially impact the lives of the 3million children who die from malnutrition every year.

The IF campaign is recommending action to be taken on tax transparency, nutrition, land transparency, biofuels, agricultural investment, budget transparency, climate change, and accountability, and for commitments to be made by the eight world leaders for investment and policy change.

There is enough food for everyone, IF they commit to investing in nutrition, and policy changes, and transparency, both in developing countries and in their own.

Updates to follow, see http://www.enoughfoodif.org/g8bloggers for live feeds from all of us throughout the next two days.

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe



Any thoughts? Comment below!

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