Month: July 2013

Brie & Bacon Risotto, 26p

While testing recipes for my book this week, it was inevitable that I would start to put leftover ingredients together to come up with accidental dishes. This speedy and satisfying late lunch was born of some scraps of cooking bacon left over from Spring Piggy, and some sad looking Brie from the Courgette and Brie gratin. I have been criticised in the past by online commenters for using ‘posh cheese’ on a limited budget, but at £1.09 for 200g, a rich flavour, and creamy versatility, I find a hunk of Brie far more satisfying for my stomach and my wallet than plain old cheddar any day. Besides – I can’t get £1.09 of cheddar from my local supermarket anyway… (Serves 2 at 26p/portion. Prices Sainsburys Basics, July 2013) 100g cooking bacon, 16p (£1.09/670g) 1/2 an onion, red or white, 6p (11p each approx) 40g Brie, 22p (£1.09/200g) 140g rice, 6p (40p/1kg) 1 chicken stock cube, 2p (15p for 10) 500ml boiling water Fistful of parsley , free (grows in the garden) Optional: cranberry sauce to serve Method: Chop the cooking bacon into small pieces – 1cm approx. Place into a colander and rinse under cold water for five minutes to remove some of the salty taste. Put into a shallow frying or sauté pan. Peel and finely chop the onion, and add to the pan with the bacon. Bring...

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