Mumsnet Guest blog: ‘Food banks are feeding families – the government needs to face its responsibilities’



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Published on Mumsnet, Blog Of The Day, 5th July 2013.

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  1. Of course – why didn`t I see it before! The reliance on food banks isn`t related to an increase in poverty – it`s just that some people get off on the humiliation of needing basic foodstuff from charities to keep themselves alive! Duh!

  2. And the people going to food banks are the ones who’ve been identified as being in need. Add in another half a million or so who haven’t been spotted, don’t have a local food bank or are going to an independently run one that isn’t covered in these figures. (Our local one is run by Vineyard Church). There are no words …

    • Forgot to add … Or ones that won’t get counted because they’re serving a particular audience … My previous church runs a day centre for refugees / asylum seekers that included a food bank. Until their application is granted – if it’s granted – they get about £36 a week and can’t apply for jobs. The asylum seeker getting rich off the back of the benefits system is another lie told by the media and the government. (Both colours sadly).

  3. Should watch “The Great British Budget Menu” on BB1 (or iplayer). It is so patronising and infuriating, that I stormed off to comment on here.

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