I’m editing and adding to my ‘fish’ chapter today, and decided to venture away from the sardines and frozen white fish fillets (and occasional bargain trout!) that I normally rely on.

I’m old enough to remember when a can of tuna was just 27p – and I also remember a few years ago the cost skyrocketed to just over £1 per can.

These days, a 185g tin of tuna from Sainsburys will set you back 80p – lower than recent years, but still a large chunk of money compared to what I’m used to spending.

From the top, all prices Sainsburys, correct at time of purchase:

Fish paste (salmon and white fish), 32p for 75g (43p/100g)

Sardines, 55p for 120g (46p/100g)

Smoked salmon trimmings, £1.50 for 120g. (£1.25/100g)

Herring roe (middle), £1.20 for 125g (96p/100g)

Seafood sticks, 89p for 150g (59p/100g)

Tuna, 80p for 185g (43p/100g)

Pilchards in tomato sauce, 95p for 425g. (22p/100g)

The large tin of pilchards in tomato sauce is by far the best value for money – with the versatile fish paste a close second…

I’m going to disappear into the kitchen now, and see what I can come up with. The herring roe looks as though it might be an interesting one!

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