“I’m the £10 a week food shop girl” – Observer Food Monthly.


For the full article, click here: http://m.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2013/jul/20/10-pound-food-shop-blog

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/agirlcalledjack


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  1. Jack, I am so glad to see someone who has realised that cooking your own food is a great start to dealing with life on a low budget (although yours is a sadly extreme case). I hope that you continue to do well and life gets better for you.
    I was wondering if you had heard about the technique of cooking food slowly by heating it up to boiling point then putting it in a highly insulated bag to finish cooking in its own heat? These heat bags are starting to be used in developing nations as a way of reducing cooking fuel consumption. The bags are sold by various companies and are quite expensive but I think a resourceful girl like you could make her own using perhaps an old eiderdown or such. Are you a member of Freecycle? It is an excellent way of getting materials for your home and also clothes, plants, etc. Perhaps you could find materials that way. I was thinking that if you cook a lot with pulses and dried beans it is much more economical to buy them dried and cook them, PROVIDING that you can reduce the cooking time which otherwise will increase your bills…

    I wish you the best of luck.

  2. I just wanted to tell you how much your story has touched me, and how valid it is to the thousands of Spanish mothers who have been struggling for years already to make ends meet. So I thought they should be able to know you, and hope you will forgive me for having translated Hunger Hurts to Spanish and posted it in a (rather posh but with very heavy traffic) “mom network”.


    Wishing you and small boy the very best, which I am sure you will attain.

  3. No matter what a person says, someone will always come along and belittle it in some way. Forget about that and concentrate on telling your story, nothing more and nothing less. It will inspire other people to simply do the same.

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