“This woman here has tattoos, and mirrored kitchen tiles. People like this show the same behaviour as crack addicts.”


I don’t normally respond to online comments to news articles, but I have been astounded over the past few days by some assumptions and ‘advice’ on the Guardian forums.

Apparently having tattoos and mirrored kitchen tiles makes me akin to a crack addict.

1. Those mirrored kitchen tiles were put in by the landlord that owns my previous flat. They’re pretty, sure, but they don’t affect the rent rate nor can I eat them.

2. I haven’t had a tattoo since I was unemployed. And I covered them for job interviews, so no, they didn’t affect my chances of employment. I deliberately rolled my sleeves up for the shoot because I have tattoos and I am not ashamed of them – and they do not make me ‘low class’ as some commenters would suggest. I got my first at 18 and my last before life went tits up.

And to the other commenter – i’m not going to ‘get a husband’, because firstly, it’s not a sound solution to ones household economy, and secondly, I’m a lesbian.

Jack Monroe.

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