1. (I tried to find a direct email but I couldn’t)

    Jack, I think you are really quite something going out there and speaking about this. And cooking all these incredible meals for your son. I hope this book makes you truly rich (it may not, but even so I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun with your book along the way). I really do feel for you and I know first hand what this is like. Only the other day my boyfriend was questioning me about taking three slices off a tomato and putting the rest back in the fridge! I told him we used to have between £8 and £15 a week to spend on food – and most often it was £8! That was 10 years ago, and food is much more expensive now. That fear stays with you. There were nights we had no electricity and had to sit in the dark too — those meters are evil. Even now I save our Christmas leftovers and keep using them until Easter. It’s become a standing joke.

    I think you are brilliant. And because you are brilliant all this awfulness will not stay that way – you are clever and ingenious and all this will turn around for you, I’m sure of it. You are probably sure of it too.

    If you need any help or a chat drop me a line. My email is on the contact part of my blog. (www.singlemotherontheverge.com)

    I’m going to try some of your recipes out, they look great.
    Maria Roberts

  2. This is not spam, it is a not for profit energy company that does not charge extra tariffs for key meter users. They are for me the best option as a low energy user and I don’t think enough people know about them. They do get their services provided by Southern energy but overall they are cheaper. https://www.ebico.org.uk/

  3. Just read about you in the paper. I hope the book does well but especially I hope that your clarity and voice gets you a job/role/money paying future that lets you stop having to worry about every last penny. One thing is for sure, you are an inspiration. Your son is going to grow up to be so proud of you! Good luck

  4. Ii agree, keep going you are doing a great job!!! What a strong person you are.

    Deirdre x. Isle of Man

  5. You have given me so much motivation,inspiration and hope! I’ve been trying to figure out a way out of this hole we are in and although I’ve not found the answer, i will 🙂 For 8 years i have fought for my freedom from an abusive ex, just had to file another protection order and criminal charges. He threatened me in public this time in front of my son unfortunately so maybe something will be done..The courts are a joke, he works under the table to lie about income ( while living in a 3000sf house, making about $70,000 a year. My health is fragile from years of abuse. My kids are a mess and we struggle daily to make ends meet. My boyfriend busts his butt to take care of us all, yet its barely enough. People can be so cruel and wonder why im not working. A person can only take so much. I try not to give up but it is hard. Maybe this is all the motivation I need. Sorry to ramble. I just wanted you to know how you touched someone way way across the pond in WV

  6. Jack, a lot of websites have a donations meter– maybe that might help? That way your website’s content stays free, but people who want to chip in can? I’m praying for you!

  7. Jack, people who criticise and take pop shots after reading one article somewhere aren’t really mad at you – that’s not possible – they don’t know you. They’re angry with themselves, their own circumstances, feel guilty or embarrassed by their own choices and feel the need to justify themselves, or perhaps you remind them of somebody else. So don’t take it personally – even if they write about you personally. And you certainly don’t need to justify yourself.

    • All what money? The first quarter of my advance cheque? Cleared a gas bill, a council tax bill, water bill, rent arrears from the HB muck-up, nursery fees, other debts accrued while I was unemployed – there’s not enough left to move somewhere bigger, that’s for certain!

  8. I think you are amazing and an inspiration. After reading your blog I have decided to donate to my local food bank when I get paid. I’m sorry that people think they can to criticise you or even that it is their business how you spend your money. I will buy your book I’m sure you will sell many copies. Lot’s of luck to you and your son for the future.

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    This woman is an Icon for us all without a voice. I cannot say if I would be heading down the road I am had I not have to face what I do every day. I have lived her post Hunger hurts http://agirlcalledjack.com/2012/07/30/hunger-hurts/) and I know I’m not alone. There are so many of us hiding in our homes, wondering why this has happened to us. We try our best to ignore the hunger and just hold on. When will the politicians remove the rose-tinted glasses?

    This week I’ve realised how close we get to the end of school holidays, and all I have are school books, a jumper and a pencil case. I don’t know where the rest is coming from. I swell with fear every time I think about going back to college, because I can’t afford my fees nor ridiculous childcare costs. Every day I put a smile on and think of a new life, it is my anti-anxiety pill. A wise woman told me to never give up on dreams.

  10. While I am nowhere in the leagues you are all obviously in, times have been harder this last couple of years. From a position where i was supporting only myself, I met & married a lovely man who suffered with stress related anxieties – he wants nothing more than to support us but found it very difficult to do. Eventually after lots of short term minmum wage jobs we decided that he should retrain to be an electrician. He had two years of study but because he was over 25 he had to pay. Despite him not working, because I was working, we got no funding for his course and had to pay £2k per year, plus travel, food, books (at least one of which was £80) etc. He was not even eligible for a student loan as he was studying at level 3 which does not quality. After being on the dole for a while we didnt really have the money to finance….. I then spent two years supporting myself, my husband and my stepson (who my partner had adopted when young as his mother was abusive), as well as contribute towards his daughters (multiple) upkeep. After two years when he qualified we have struggled in setting up the business as recession is not a good time to get established and there were some large capital outlays. However we are plugging on…… and I know things will get better. He is starting to get repeat business and referrals which is the aim of the game. At least there is an end in sight for us but it was hard, and for me I frequently felt a little bit bitter in supporting his children (although I know I shouldnt and it was very mean of me…). We are coming out the other end stronger, more flexible and a bit more in control of our money (which is no bad thing).

  11. Skip the lentils then and adopt a vegan latin american diet, enough variety and easily hit your £10 a week for an adult and a child. A good start is a cookbook by Terry Hope Romero. You’re welcome.

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