Behind the scenes at the book shoot…

So today was the first day of shooting my book with the team from Penguin, and it’s been a fun – if exhausting – day. I’ve managed to smuggle my own plates and crockery into the shoot, so eagle eyed readers may recognise some of the bowls, plates, wooden boards and pretty forks salvaged from local charity shops and boot sales over the years…


However, my humble kitchen doesn’t have nearly enough crockery to fill a cookbook, so i’m lucky that we were lent some too! And by ‘some’, I mean quite a lot!



This is us, at the end of Day One! Left to right – Designer: John Hamilton, Author: Jack Monroe (me!), Editor: Lindsey Evans, Food Stylist: Rob Allison.


Photographer: Susan Bell (below) – whose work can be seen at


I had a brilliant – if exhausting – day, and will be joined throughout the week by a host of exciting people – so watch this space!

But for now, a cup of lavender tea beckons, and a long, long sleep…

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  1. What a lovely, eclectic range of crockery, serving bowls and cutlery. The photos will definitely be chic! I love your apron, so cute. Is it yours or a loaner?

  2. Really interesting to see what goes into these books, isn’t it? Your life must feel like it’s on hyperspeed at the moment. How on earth do you find time to do your job at the paper?

  3. So good to see you having a well deserved lovely (if hectic) time! You so deserve all this xxx

  4. I heard about you on tv then on the radio this week, can’t wait for your book.
    Here is a recipe idea, take some chicken legs, take the bone out and stuff them with
    sausage meat with any herbs and spices you can get your hands on.
    Hope this helps, all the best you are doing a great thing with your blog.

  5. I agree, charity shops are a very good hunting ground for china and my favourite method of supporting charity. I acquired a delightful 4 place Meakin Wayside set (£4, Newport) on one occasion, and Denby pieces : dinner plate (50p, Chepstow) Teapot with cups, saucers (bit more, Newport). Bowls are hardest to come by, but Poundland had some nice shaped olive/white ones recently with a lovely glaze, and plates to match. Big enough for a dinner, too big for cereal.

  6. go you. love your gorg little heart shaped bowl in first pic…….Also in same pic im intrigued as to what the thing with the red string handle and red bottom is, wooden handle.

  7. When is the book due for sale Jack? Apologies if I missed this on an earlier post. I really love your blog and the way you share your life and experience. Your son has a mother to be proud of!

  8. Brilliant! What a fabulous day you all had! (You’re such a pretty girl – sorry, couldnt resist. I’m an old bat, and at my age I’m allowed to say things like that!)

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