Dear readers –
The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that I haven’t been writing for my local newspaper for a few weeks now – given that they kindly granted me a period of leave to write my book. Besides, I was no use to anyone, popping out of the office to do radio interviews, taking half days off to zip up to the City for interviews!
I visited my office today, and was surprised and delighted to find a PILE of letters and parcels beside my desk. Of course, many came anonymously or without contact details, but I do not want to seem ungrateful, so I hope I do not embarrass anyone by thanking them publicly.
The first I opened was a copy of Fi Glover’s article in Waitrose Weekend magazine – which is now hanging on the makeshift ‘washing line’ of pegs and string and clippings.
The next, one of my favourite childhood books, Esio Trot by Roald Dahl, and a book about dinosaurs for Small Boy. I have put them in his ‘book box’ and will introduce him to the delights of Roald Dahl this evening at bedtime, with a cuddle.
Julie – I have been longingly looking at a ‘Carnet Recettes’ for a long time, and it is the organising push I need to finalise my book contents and maybe even hand write a ‘first edition’ of it! It is beautiful, and I am a long time lover of notebooks. It is sitting on my desk now, all new and exciting and whispering possibilities.

To Linda – I am speechless. The ‘I Spy’ quilt for Jonny is absolutely stunning, and will be placed on his bed as soon as I get home. He loves it as much as I do – and the time and care it must have taken you, for us, virtual strangers, is a humbling thing.

After yesterday’s ‘wobble’ in the spotlight, I feel very much as though the world has given me a great big hug – and I thank you all. For the exciting parcels, the cards, the tweets, the emails, the Facebook messages, the blog comments, the virtual pats on the back – I feel as though my Magnum-boot-clad feet can stand firmly on the ground and walk tall again.
I am blessed to have such kind people in my life, and touched, and humbled.
For once I am rubbish with my words, because I am truly overwhelmed, so I leave you with these words by Jackie Oates:
“May the kindness, that starts with you
Turn full circle, when it’s due.
And the flame that burns your heart,
Burn with love that holds us now we part.”
Jack. X
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