I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but following the freaky heat and storms combination we have had here in Southend, my little herb border is thriving!
After advice from my readers, I separated the mint into two trough containers, and it has spread to fill them up! (With a sneaky nasturtium in there too – I haven’t the heart to move it!)

I’ve split the lavender into two plots now, as it was spreading across quite a large area, and to share the colour out across the plot…

These were mustard cress seeds that I have allowed to grow and grow. The intention is to harvest them, dry them and crush them – I think the sharp peppery flavour will be an interesting addition to Indian dishes, but we shall wait and see!

Parsley is also looking very happy – time to harvest some of that, I think!

My coriander plant has excelled itself – it was always the most difficult one to keep alive in a little pot on the window ledge, but putting it outside is a different story! It is almost as tall as I am now, and I am going to check to see what parts are edible. The tiny white flowers would make a lovely garnish for a summer potato salad…

The thyme is also doing marvellously – and I will be putting some of those empty fish paste jars to use this week and drying some out…

Chillies are continuing to do well, and it’s almost time to pick and dry the red ones again, even though I’ve scarcely made a dent in the ones I dried a few weeks ago!

A new addition to the little family is sage, grown from seed in mid-July and planted out today. I’m already eyeing it up for warming winter risottos, soups and roasted veg, so hopefully it takes the hint from its surrounding friends and grows really well!

Last but by no means least, is the lavender again, ready to be picked and crushed into lavender sugar, for a host of culinary delights.

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed the nasturtiums along the back wall, hiding in the background of all of the photos – ready to bloom into a riot of colour, and a peppery sweetness. I’m eyeing them up impatiently, as I’m going to dry the petals to use all year round, so flower my little lovelies, flower!
It amazes me that my tiny little window ledge herbs have grown to fill a patch that is around 20 feet in total – with just a little space, some sunshine, some rain, and the dregs of any fresh coffee tossed into the soil. I’ve also planted a
squash and a courgette plant, but slightly late in the season, so I’ll have to wait and see how they do…
And by the way, I’m a pretty rubbish gardener – I just plonked these in the soil and let them get on with it! I figured I’d rather grow plants I could eat, rather than just look at, and so far I haven’t been disappointed! šŸ™‚
If you have space on your window ledge, I would definitely recommend growing an all-purpose herb, like parsley, a woody herb like thyme or rosemary or sage, and a sweet herb like basil or coriander.
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