1. This is just brilliant Jack, I am so glad you’re gaining an international presence particularly in the US – our benefits system and even employment laws are lavish by comparison.


  2. They should just give you your own cooking show, it would be more interesting and far more useful than a lit of the celeb chef shows are.

  3. We’re listening here across the pond too. I work for a food security non-profit in Ottawa and over the past 2 years we have seen rapidly increasing numbers of families accessing food banks in Ontario for the first time.

    Congrats on the MacLean’s article, I’ll be sharing it.

  4. Dear Jack great article and I totally agree with the others you should have your own cookery programme and spread the word.Thank you for your inspirational blogs and I will be donating to my local food bank in Eastbourne and I will be getting your book too.

  5. Annie in Bolsover – please note that Macleans is a Canadian magazine. (Canada is not part of the US even ‘though many Brits and Americans think it is!)

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