What’s in Kim’s cupboard, and what can we make out of it?

I received a message yesterday from a reader who has had her tax credits cut off suddenly, and her ‘bank balance was zero’. Having been in that position myself, I decided to do the only thing I can do to help – and asked her to send me a list of what was in her cupboard, to see if we could get through the next week or so until the tax credits are sorted, by devising recipes from what she has available.

Here’s what she has to work with:

Red lentils
Green lentils
Bulgar wheat
Cous cous
Porridge oats
Brown rice
Chopped tomatoes x2
Passatta x2
Tinned chickpeas x1
Breakfast cereals to last a good 2 weeks!
1kg bag of Onions
4 carrots
Butternut squash x1
Cheddar cheese
Frozen shortcrust and puff pastry sheets x1 each
Frozen spinach
2packs of raw salmon fillets (79p reduced bargain!!)
Chicken breasts x3
Stocks cubes beef and chicken
Harissa paste
Soy sauce
Veg oil and olive
Chilli flakes and powder
Ground cumin and whole
Ground coriander
Garam masala
Bay leaves
Mixed spice

At first glance I can see a Daal here, a butternut squash and oregano risotto, a chickpea and spinach curry, a chicken casserole, carrot and cumin falafels, a green lentil bolognese, cheese and onion pasta, cinnamon porridge and a Harissa spiced salmon bake… Recipes to follow shortly! Anyone got any other ideas?

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