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A few weeks ago, I spent a morning going through the seventy-plus recipes on my blog, ‘tagging’ each with the individual ingredients, to make the site easier to use, and your weekly shop easier to reduce!

Then, I changed the layout, and the Search bar disappeared. I tried finding a widget, a plug-in, spent a day and a half on forums looking for the answer, and I’m very glad to be able to announce that it’s back!! But instead of being on the top right hand corner where it used to be, there’s one at the bottom of the page, and one on the right hand side of every post too, see?! ————->>>>

I started this blog with a handful of ingredients, and made what I could out of what was in the fridge, the back of the cupboard, and a handful of ingredients a week. Hence July is a myriad of fish recipes, and in February it was courgettes with everything…

So, to plan a weekly shop well, and to spend less, first have a look at what’s in the cupboard/fridge/freezer, type it into the search bar (now located at the bottom of the page on each recipe), and plan your meals around what comes up.

For example, I have a pile of carrots in the bottom of the fridge at the moment…..and a quick search brings up two types of falafel, burgers, sunshine bread and four soups (that could easily be thickened to make a sauce for pasta!)

I also use this technique when I find a large bag of veg in the reduced chiller at the supermarket – courgettes seem to always be on offer at my local, and luckily, I have 12 recipes so far for them – and always adding more!

Happy searching! Especially now there’s a search bar again! I know it’s not as obvious as the old one, I’m going to see if I can move it, but at least it’s back!

Jack. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe

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