VIDEO: Ed Miliband meets Jack Monroe, Mary Laver and Hetty Bowyer.


Video courtesy of Unite and The Daily Mirror. Meeting organised by Ros Wynne-Jones, Real Britain columnist in The Daily Mirror every Wednesday.

To watch the video, click here: Real Britain: Those affected by welfare cuts meet Ed Miliband.

Jack Monroe.
Twitter: @MsJackMonroe


  1. Good he did it, but I really don’t like him and scares me the idea he can become prime minister… He never gives real answers or solutions, just attacks the Tories over and over and over again… He will do what he says about benefits if in power, but he doesn’t say it all… Just my impressions and I’m not English and not living anymore in the UK.

    • A lot of what Miliband says and does doesn’t make it into most of the UK press. Have a look at what he’s said and written before getting sucked down by the Tory mainstream media. Promising to repeal the bedroom tax and take on rent hikes is a good start.

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