This is one of the best blog posts I’ve read for a long time and articulates brilliantly some of the things in my head that haven’t made it onto paper/the Internet yet! I have been quietly following Joanna’s blog for a while, and enjoy both her food and her philosophy:
“Growing my own vegetables has brought the issue of food justice more sharply into focus than anything I have ever read or watched on the television.
Harvesting bowl after bowl of raspberries from just a few canes in the back garden has made me both more grateful for the food that I have and more angry about the fact that so many are not able to do even this very little thing.
Giving away lettuce to anyone who would take it and still feeling that we would never get to the end of it exposed for me like nothing else the lies that dominate our consumer culture and fuel a system where around 4 million people in one of the richest nations in the world do not have access to a healthy diet.
The lies are perpetuated by the god of consumerism, a god that needs us to be fearful of not having enough, because otherwise we might stop buying things.”
Please read Joanna’s article for the rest, I find her writing a refreshing calm among all the noise: Garden Rage by Joanna Dobson
Jack. X