New recipe column at The Guardian, and interview with Emine Saner.

Another brief but very exciting announcement that I’ve been keeping up my sleeve: I’ve been offered (and joyfully accepted) a regular weekly recipe column in The Guardian newspaper – new weekly recipes, still focusing on small budgets and simple ingredients. When people ask me what I do for a living, I’m usually stumped as to how to describe the smorgasbord of meetings, speeches, conferences and chopped tomatoes – but I guess I can legitimately describe myself as a “food writer and political campaigner” these days if nothing else! Chuffed doesn’t even come close to describing it – and of course I’ll be blogging the recipes here each week – with some extras – too.

To read the interview by Emine Saner, click here: Jack Monroe: Creative recipes for less than £1 a head

And for everyone asking the obvious question – YES, the veg landed back in the pan! SEE!

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