Reader Recipe: Laura’s Porridge-and-Yoghurt Breakfast

I received this lovely email recipe from a reader after I posted my Express Porridge idea, and loved it so much I thought I would share it. I know my Small Boy would love this!

Good morning Jack,

I saw your recent post about creating your own instant oatmeal. Here’s
something I make that’s cheap and easy to make, and my daughter loves

One 450g/500g tub of yogurt
Some cheap, fine cut value oats
*fruit (optional)

Spoon the yogurt into a bowl, and gradually add the dry oats and stir
them in. Add enough oats so the mixture is between overly creamy and

Put the top on the container, and keep in the fridge overnight. The
next day you’ll have creamy, fluffy yogurty oats to spoon into a bowl
and enjoy.

*Most of the time, after I pour the yogurt into the bowl, I add some
frozen blueberries, frozen blackberries or raisins before stirring in
the porridge.

This is made in our house once a week, and it provides about 3
breakfasts for myself and my daughter. It goes down a treat.

Best wishes,


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  1. I do exactly the same with 35g of oats (1kg is 75p at Aldi) & frozen raspberries (£1.49 from Aldi). Before eating I add a sliced banana & 1 tsp of runny honey.

  2. I put 1 cup of aldi oats and two cups of water in a bowl and pop in the fridge before bed. In the morning I add honey and fruit for ‘overnight oats’.

  3. That sounds great.. I know my old man does something similar with just milk (Full Fat). Speaking of Yoghurty goodness, have you tried making Shrikhand? Stunningly luxurious and simple!

  4. Yes, ‘fridge muesli’ was always my breakfast of choice on my birthday. Soak oats and sultanas in apple juice overnight. In the morning add yogurt, cinnamon, chopped apple, toasted walnuts and raspberries (or whatever you like!). Very filling and delicious! If you search for ‘overnight oats’ you’ll find a heap of recipes 🙂

  5. I love this as don’t use cows milk. I keep lots of sma pots of puréed fruit in my freezer, grown or foraged, so healthy breakfast throughout the year <3

  6. I’ll have to try this, it sounds good. In the mornings, I normally mix together Greek yoghurt, pumpkin seeds and blueberries. I find it pretty tasty and also surprisingly filling too.

  7. oh my, that sounds just delicious. I must try it. Have been having porridge for breakfast for a while now as the weather started to turn. I have lots of little pots of plum compote in the freezer from the little trees we have in the garden (we don’t have a huge garden, they are tiny trees) and the compote would be lovely with this

  8. I tried this last night and it’s so yummy! I used to take a clip pot of cheap muesli and a separate yoghurt to work for breakfast but now i’m going to make up a batch of this once a week. I used some pots of fruit yoghurt that needed using up in it, porridge and a handful of sultanas.

  9. Hi ya Jack. Just been reading up on the nutritional value of oats and the article specifies that you must soak your oats overnight first before you eat them, not just make them up and eat them. Apparently they stop our body absorbing the nutrients if they are not soaked overnight/or day first. I’ve been doing that since your post last week and I am really enjoying my breakfasts xx

  10. I put oats, yog and milk (in equal quantities) in a jam jar, mix, add cinnamon, a spoonful of honey (or brown sugar if I haven’t got any honey), a couple of chopped dates or some raisins and some seeds which I’ve toasted in a dry saucepan (usually sunflower as they are fairly cheap). I put the top on the jar and leave it in the fridge overnight. It makes a wonderful breakfast that is portable and can be eaten on the go. Sometimes I make a batch of three or four and it means I’ve got breakfast for several days.

  11. Thankyou! This has converted my three under four from sugar in a box to a hearty breakkie that makes us all feel good.

  12. This is delicious, just eaten some for breakfast with a spoonful of lemon curd mixed in mmm. Didn’t used to like the texture of raw porridge and yoghurt together but leaving it overnight works a treat yum!


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