Reader recipes: Ali’s go-to quick and easy lunch, 30p.

It’s been a while since I posted a reader recipe, but I got this one in my email inbox recently and just had to blog it. I’ll be making this for my lunch myself this week as I fancy experimenting with the value range soft cheese, and the other ingredients are things I usually have in the house.

Here’s Ali’s quick and easy go-to lunch, which she’s worked out at just over 30p per portion…

“My current go-to lunch is pretty instant but I think for your readers who don’t have time to cook it could be good!

So all the ingredients are from the Sainsbury’s Basics range… Tomato & Onion pasta and sauce (17p) cooked until 2 minutes from done. Add 100g of frozen mixed veg (7.5p – 75p per 1kg) and 20g of soft cheese (6p – 61p per 200g) and finish cooking (microwave or pan).

It’s really tasty and at least you’re getting some veg and calcium in there too! Perfect if you just don’t have the time to prepare something or if you’re injured and can’t chop anything. Oh, and adding a bit more veg and a slice of bread each makes it enough for a lunch for two.”

If you have a great frugal recipe you’d like to share, email it to – thanks!

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