The Pink List 2013


From today’s Independent on Sunday:

“When the first Pink List was published in 2000, it was essentially a list of 50 influential people who were brave enough to be “out”. This year we received more than 1,300 nominations and had to reduce thousands of potential contenders to just 101. The judges decided that a Pink List contender can no longer simply be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and famous. They need to make a difference. This year, some Pink List regulars have graduated into a “we’ll always love you” list of their own, and we’ve given politicos their own space, too. That leaves room for more new faces, more change and more debate. This has been the year of equal marriage, but also the year when trans people finally began to glimpse the sort of respect and equality that gay people can, at last, expect.”

And then…..

19. (new entry) Jack Monroe @msjackmonroe
Food Blogger, Campaigner
The food blogger caught attention with her “austerity” recipes, which feed her family for £10 a week. Now she writes weekly recipe columns for The Guardian, talks at party conferences, and campaigns for charities. She also has a book on the way. She lives with her partner and son.

I can’t really say much to this – I read the Pink List in secret as a teenager, Proud with a capital P that there were ‘out’ gay famous people making a difference in the world, and certainly mine as I wrestled with my identity in my formative years. It goes without saying that I never imagined for one gosh darn minute that I would see my name on that list!

So to whoever nominated and voted for me, Thankyou. I’m stunned and humbled and honoured, all at once.

For the full Pink List 2013, click here.

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  1. Congratulations Jack. As ever your modesty does you credit but you so deserve this. Coming out so publicly whilst raising public consciousness that poverty is not something people choose often amid a maelstrom of unwarranted criticism, you deserve higher than 19. Top of my list.

    • My thoughts entirely, Your ‘coming out blog ‘I still refer to when comments are made in my presence about gay people just how hard it still is to be yourself when your gay in public, you and everyone else on the pink list and those that didn’t make it are making life easier for people like my daughter and her girlfriend.
      Thank you! x

  2. Congratulations – I have to say i hadn’t heard of you before reading the Pink List this morning – but the same can be said of around 60% of the people on this list.I find this heartening that we are now so prolific in our integration into all echelons of society that we are often no longer defined by our sexuality. The progression of the list over the years is indelible evidence of the progress in attitude towards LGBT people, enabling so many of us to conduct actively ‘out’ public lives. I am not saying our journey is over but we have made substantial and significant progress.

  3. I’d never heard of a pink list before. Recognized your brilliance when i saw your video, in the guardian though. Please remain fabulous.

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