I’m often asked by my readers and on Twitter what I would suggest donating to a food bank, so I have compiled a list of ambient products that can be found in most supermarkets. They’re ambient on purpose – so that neither the food bank nor the recipient will have to worry about storing them in a fridge, and there is less likelihood of food going to waste.
These are just my suggestions, but I handed this list out at the Womens Institute last week and the Urban Expression conference at the weekend and people commented that it was very useful, so here you go, and feel free to distribute it to anyone that might fine it useful.
As an idea of prices, I have given Sainsburys/Sainsburys Basics prices next to each item – as most people have in mind an ‘amount’ they want to donate, and that amount will go much further (and thereby help more people) if you can purchase as much as possible with it. Feel free to shop where you like, I just know Sainsburys range off by heart after the last year or so!
500g bag of porridge, 65p
500g corn flakes, 31p
440g crisped rice, 77p
1kg muesli, £1.18
454g mixed fruit jam, 29p
454g peanut butter, 62p
454g lemon curd, 22p
454g marmalade, 22p
6 pancakes, 20p
500g tinned potatoes, 15p
Tortilla chips, 50p
200g snack crackers, 59p
500g pasta, 39p
500g spaghetti, 39p
410g spaghetti in tomato sauce, 25p
250g lasagne sheets, 59p
1kg rice, 40p
1.5kg flour, 65p
Instant chicken noodles, 17p
400g rice pudding, 15p
1l UHT milk, 53p
1l unsweetened soya milk, 59p
400g skimmed milk powder, £1.01
500g sultanas, 84p
500g dried mixed fruit, 95p
Broken mandarin segments, 23p
Canned peaches, 31p
230g pineapple pieces in juice, 39p
Grapefruit segments, 37p
Fruit cocktail, 55p
400g kidney beans, 21p
Baked beans in tomato sauce, 25p
Meatballs in tomato sauce, 40p
Irish stew, 49p
500g red lentils, £1.09
400g chick peas, 69p
Corned beef, £1.89
200g tinned ham, 99p
Tuna, 90p
1 jar of fish paste, 32p
Canned sardines, 55p
Herring roes, £1.19
400g chopped tomatoes, 35p
1 tin of carrots, 20p
Tinned mushrooms, 59p
Tinned spinach, 55p
300g mushy peas, 15p
42g cumin, £1
42g paprika, £1
30g mixed dried herbs, 30p
250ml lemon juice, 50p
10 stock cubes, 20p
400g vegetable soup, 24p
500g pasta sauce, 44p
400g creamed tomato soup, 24p
400g creamed chicken soup, 24p
1l UHT orange juice, 65p
1l UHT apple juice, 65p
1l breakfast juice, 65p
1l tomato juice, 65p
Instant coffee, 47p
80 tea bags, 27p
2 toothbrushes, 18p
75ml toothpaste, 25p
30 pantyliners, 22p
1l shampoo, 40p
100 nappy bags, 14p
1l foam bath, 40p
10 sanitary towels, 14p
300ml shower gel, 30p
3 soap bars, 50p
Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below.
Jack Monroe. Twitter: @msjackmonroe