Smoky herring roe and potato one-pot.

This week’s Guardian recipe uses soft herring roes, but if you can’t get hold of them, any white fish is a good substitute. Enjoy!


For the full recipe, click here.

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  1. Looks good 🙂 About smoky flavours: I bought something called “smoked salt” long time ago. Now I keep adding a few grains to normal salt (and other spices) to make them a bit smoky and it works – I wonder whether smoky paprika would do the same …

    • I love smoked Maldon salt, and smoked paprika. Both are great for adding that rich savoury edge many recipes utilise bacon for though smoked paprika is easier to source. Smoked applewood and smoked cheddar are also useful options for veggies wanting that smokey thing. Smoked applewood even comes in slices. Mr. Pv loves smoked applewood slices melted on veggie burgers, but I only get them when they’re on offer!

      • Yeah, I am vegetarian, too, and I like smoky things from time to time 🙂 I use my smoked salt just to spread its smokiness: I put it into other spices and just let it work till I use them (the same thing with vanilla).
        I had to google Applewood and now I can imagine it is tasty 🙂 – I haven’t found really good smoked cheeses here in Germany, which is OK, sort of, since the name of my addiction is “Veggies” (but we do have a most lovely smoked tofu)

  2. I couldn’t get roe in my local supermarket (morrisons) but made this with a couple of knocked down peices of white fish and it was delish!! Even super fussy husband enjoyed it! Also I couldn’t believe how edible potatoes from a tin are! 15p for a tin in morrisons! Will be making again for sure! Thank you jack for another great recipe

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