1. I have been so annoyed hearing the response from those in power. “Switch suppliers”. There is naff all benefit left in switching suppliers.

    • It’s like choosing between Hitler, Stalin or Il Duce to be honest. They are as bad as each other and the biggest bunch of profiteering amoral sheisters since the slave trade.

  2. And of course, if you’re in arrears on a bill, you usually can’t change suppliers as they won’t let you go while you owe them money – so you’re stuck.

    And there’s sod all to choose between them anyway.

  3. I (foolishly) started reading the comments on this article, and couldn’t stop. They actually made me feel ill.

    I don’t know how you do it… I’d have lost my shit by now with that bunch of arseholes on my back every time I wrote something…

    • Yes. There is always a shill or two, or just a Tory Right wing clone to stir some shit up and attack anyone speaking sense. Any arsehole can come out with shit though can’t they?

  4. Its bad enough with the energy prices going up but I wonder how many people have taken note that the standing charges have been hiked up as well. If I use nil gas I still have to pay £25 quarter to my supplier for standing charges. I have therefore asked my supplier to turn off my gas supply at the mains.
    I have worked out how to manage without gas and by eating mostly cheap tinned food I can use minimal electric for cooking, and cold water for most other things. A hot water bottle in bed will keep me warm.
    Im on a pension which is adequate with careful budgeting BUT members of my family are really stuggling and as a mother , grandmother and great grandmother it is my bounden duty to make sure I do my utmost to help them.
    I am not whingeing….just sad that hard working people are still left in poverty and at the age of 71 I am more worried about my stuggling family than I am about the fact I have lymphoma.

  5. ‘at the age of 71 I am more worried about my stuggling family than I am about the fact I have lymphoma.’

    sorry to hear you are sick, you are lovely to think of your family and are setting the best example to the younger generation by budgeting.

    The reason people in the UK are better off than in many countries is the health service and thank goodness Margaret Thatcher was stopped from destroying that/selling off the hospitals.

    In the US even at 71 you would find yourself having to meet 20% of your medical bills, 80% is covered for seniors, and the bills are enormous, far more expensive than going private in other countries.

    The electricity companies clearly are not deterred by large fines or government criticism, maybe people should start organising mass ‘switch off’ days as protests. Who can afford a 9% yearly increase in one of the largest household bills? How much profit is enough?

  6. I got called a fool for suggesting gas and leccy need renationalising!!! Well, I am a fool then and there are millions of fools it seems who agree with me. And yes, I do wear warm layers in the house because I can only afford to heat one room not being rich.

    • Totally agree. Utility companies, public transport, postal services and NHS should never ever be in private hands. After all THAT is what we’re paying taxes for. As for whoever called you a ‘fool’ – that surely was an investor earning himself a nice profit at the expense of the average UK resident barely able to heat his home.

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