Former Olympic Games Maker faces losing vital care under cruel Government cuts.


VIDEO: The coalition’s cruellest cut? Mary Laver, a former RAF servicewoman, campaigner, and friend, has severe rheumatoid arthritis. She can’t stand, she can’t move her arms, she hasn’t fed herself in over fifteen years. Mary relies on a team of carers to help her complete everyday tasks, like eating, drinking, and going to the toilet, but the coalition Government is […]

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I had some finely sliced apple left over from my pancakes this morning, so decided to make some apple crisps for Small Boy to have later in the day as a snack. I only have a mini fridge at the moment, so fridge space is at a premium – thought these were something I could pop in a bag and […]

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Serves around 3, depending on age, appetite, and how much of a pancake fiend you are… Ingredients: 100g flour (SR for light fluffy pancakes, but plain is fine too) 100ml milk 1 egg 1 apple, very finely sliced Handful of sultanas (50g approx) 2 tbsp oil Finely slice the apple, I used a vegetable peeler, and pop to one side. […]

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Forced to pay the bedroom tax…for a dialysis machine.

20131118-230856.jpg–even-if-the-room-is-used-for-a-kidney-dialysis-machine-8947883.html For everyone that still doesn’t realise how evil and twisted this is. I don’t care what you call it, ‘bedroom tax’ or ‘spare room subsidy’ or ‘the machinations of a psychopath’, read this article. And this one: And this one: And this one: There are dozens more examples I could link to – this is not […]

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I MADE POP TARTS! Makes 6-8, mine are bigger and thicker than the originals, but still reckon on two per person ;-). Obviously these aren’t an everyday breakfast, but they’re a ‘what the hell why not’ breakfast… Ingredients (makes 6-8). 200g flour 100g butter 5 tbsp cold water 6 tbsp jam 6 tbsp icing sugar (60g approx) Another tbsp water […]

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Apologies to my readers that don’t have a lavender bush: I have a tiny one, and I adore it. I have a small garden, but before that relied on my window ledge to grow herbs and other edibles. Now I have that small garden, my motto is I’m not going to grow anything that I can’t eat! So, lavender. Simple, […]

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I received this recipe from Linda this morning, and it sounds absolutely delicious. If you don’t have curry powder, a teaspoon of cumin would be a good substitute. It’s that time of year when curried soup is a most welcome thing! Thanks Linda! Linda’s Curried Soup 1 tbsp cooking oil 1 onion 1 large parsnip 3 or 4 large carrots 1 green pepper 1.5 litres boiling water + 1 or 2 veggie stock cubes 1 tsp mild curry powder Dice onion and sauté in oil till onion is soft but not browned. Stir in curry powder and then all the rest of the veggies (small dice). Add the stock and bring to the boil. Simmer until the veggies are soft. This probably takes about half an hour, but I didn’t time it! As the veggies are cut up into small dice the soup cooks quite quickly. Blend with a stick blender and serve. It is a tasty soup and a useful and thrifty way of using up those odd veggies. The first time I made it I used a wrinkly green pepper which would have been thrown out in many households but it made a good addition to the soup. The soup has a good butternut squash colour and a lovely creamy consistency. My husband loved the first batch and was delighted when he saw me making it again yesterday!” If you have a favourite thrifty recipe you would like […]

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NAMED: The 177 MPs who voted YES to the Bedroom Tax after claiming up to £25K EACH in accommodation expenses.


BY JACK MONROE. 177 of the MPs that voted YES to the Bedroom Tax on Tuesday evening, claimed up to £25k EACH in their own “spare bedroom” expenses. One of the highest claims, Nigel Adams whopping £25k in 2012-13, could pay the Bedroom Tax for up to 30 families in his constituency for a whole year. Richard Bacon’s constituency is […]

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Reader recipes: Andrew’s spicy lentil and tomato soup

I had this lovely email yesterday, with a delicious soup recipe that sounds perfect for winter lunches or light suppers… If I was making it with what was in the cupboard, i’d use a veg stock cube instead of bouillon and trusty chopped tomatoes, but only because I usually have them kicking around! Thanks Andrew for sharing, I hope you all enjoy this one. Love your website and what you do for budget cooking and food poverty awareness. I made this the other day and it was lovely (and cheap): Spicy Tomato and Lentil Soup One small onion One leek One small carrot Tsp olive/sunflower oil 6 medium fresh tomatoes 1 tsp dried organo Tablespoon tomato puree Half tsp cayenne pepper Tablespoon veg bouillon powder (low salt) 200g Red lentils Method Put tomatoes in boiling water. Gently fry finely chopped onion, leek and grated carrot until soft but not brown. Use water from tomatoes to make up veg stock, skin and chop toms. Add toms, oregano, cayenne pepper and puree to pan and fry the mix until soft but not sticking to the pan (about 5 mins). Mash down and bit with potato masher (you can blend if you like smooth soup, I don’t). Add veg stock and bring to the boil. Wash lentils until water is clear and then add to soup. Cook gently until lentils are soft but still intact, add more water, seasoning as necessary. Great with […]

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Reader recipes: Gill’s potatoes, tomatoes and cheese.

I had this email and recipe from Gill earlier this week, and it’s my kind of recipe – with no strict quantities or weighing or measuring! I have all of these ingredients at home so after what promises to be a busy day today, here’s what I’m having for my dinner… Hi Jack, love your blog and your tips! Here’s a great recipe, it’s cheap, filling, and everybody loves it! You need (in whatever quantities will suit your needs) Potatoes Cheese One tin of tomatoes (chopped, if cheaper, or chop own) Onion Salt & Pepper Slice the potatoes and the onions thinly. Layer in a lidded dish, interspersing with the cheese (can be grated, cheese that has gone a bit hard, even blue cheese works, so just whatever cheese you have, in whatever quantities you have). Season each layer. Half way through tip half of the tinned tomatoes in. Continue layering and seasoning. Finish with the rest of the tinned tomatoes. Bake for a couple of hours or so on a medium (about 170/180) heat. Or can be microwaved if you are in a rush. This dish is very forgiving in terms of how you cook it. Tasty enough to serve alone or have as an accompaniment to sausages, chicken thighs, etc., It’s a great standby ‘store cupboard’ dish! Hope it’s useful! Gill If you have a favourite frugal recipe or tip to share, email it to Jack Monroe. […]

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Fish tagine.


This week’s Guardian recipe was one o my home favourites, fish tagine. I make this in a big batch and freeze it in portions, the flavours develop beautifully when frozen. For the full recipe, click here. And here’s what you’re saying about it: Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe Facebook:

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Reader Recipes: Charlotte’s Borscht

I was sent this recipe by a lovely reader, Charlotte, so thought I would share it here. If you have a recipe you would like to share, email it to me on I am trying to be really thrifty at the moment as I’m on a postgraduate student living allowance which is being squeezed from every direction. I was making dinner last night and needed to use up some beetroot so I made a vague approximation of borscht, I don’t know if it’s the sort of thing you or your readers might like. Ingredients: Pack of four cooked (not pickled) beetroot, in small cubes 1 tbsp sunflower oil Diced small onion Vegetable stock cube in about 700mL water Pinch of paprika Tablespoon plain yogurt Black pepper Mixed herbs I browned the onion and then added the beetroot and the juice from the packet. In next was the stock, the pepper and the herbs. I simmered this for about 10 minutes and then mashed the bits of beetroot with a potato masher. Normally I’d use a stick blender to get it really smooth but mine gave up a couple of months back. I then added the yogurt, followed by a pinch of paprika. I served this with cous cous but it would also go well with bread. This served four adults so I think this works out at about 50p a portion (I shop at Aldi). All the very best, […]

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