Month: November 2013

Charity curry: A supper club with a difference!

Last night I cooked 12 bowls of curry for friends and strangers, for the first of what will hopefully be many many fundraising food nights to come! I’ll blog the recipes later today, but just wanted to say a massive thanks to Jim and Juliet for lending me their house and kitchen, and a huge Thankyou also to everyone who turned up! We raised over £200 between us – and all I had to do was throw a few things in pans, really! Ta dah! The money will be split in donations between a local food bank, The Storehouse (incidentally the one I was referred to myself many months ago), and the homeless shelter HARP. We’re yet to decide whether it will be sit down the middle as a cash donation, or whether to spend it on food for them – I’m going to ask each organisation directly what they would prefer, but not right now as it’s 1am! The evening was so successful that we immediately planned another one, for the 3rd of January. There will be 30 places available and must be booked in advance – if you live locally enough to attend then please drop me a line for details. If you want to organise something similar in your area, please let me know about it, I’d love the “charity supper club” idea to take off…...

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WAR ON WELFARE: Please sign and share this petition.

Brothers and sisters, comrades and friends: You have 1,440 minutes in your day, every single day. Please take just one of those to sign the War On Welfare petition. This petition has just two weeks to get another 4,000 signatures, to grant it a debate in Parliament. Please sign this and share it on all available networks: Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blogs – imagine passing this email up, and we miss this debate by just one signature..? Don’t let it be yours. Petition here, and suggested tweet: You have 1440 minutes in a day, please spend 1 signing & RTing the #WOWpetition HERE: Yours faithfully, Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe Facebook:...

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The last few Christmases have been a little all over the place for my little family; and this is the first year I feel able to establish my own small traditions, that will hopefully carry on over the next few years. The first thing that sprang to mind was tree biscuits – although I don’t have a tree to hang them on yet, so this was a trial run! I hope that in the years to come, I can mark the start of the season with Small Boy with a batch of these simply spiced biscuits.   Ingredients (made...

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Former Olympic Games Maker faces losing vital care under cruel Government cuts.

VIDEO: The coalition’s cruellest cut? Mary Laver, a former RAF servicewoman, campaigner, and friend, has severe rheumatoid arthritis. She can’t stand, she can’t move her arms, she hasn’t fed herself in over fifteen years. Mary relies on a team of carers to help her complete everyday tasks, like eating, drinking, and going to the toilet, but the coalition Government is trying to take that care away. David Cameron’s government have tried to close the Independent Living Fund, that Mary and 20,000 disabled people in the UK rely on to pay for vital care. Mary doesn’t see herself as disabled. A former driver in the RAF, an Olympic torch bearer, a Games Maker, she travelled from John O’Groats to Lands End in her power chair to raise money for Help For Heroes. “I’m a person in a wheelchair,” she said yesterday at an emergency meeting at the House of Commons, showing the film to MPs, journalists and campaigners. In the film, Mary talks with pride about carrying the Olympic Torch through the the streets, accompanied by her doctor. “It’s a very special experience and I wanted to share it with somebody. The person I wanted to share it with had died, and I thought, who’s the one person who has walked my walk with me over the last 25 years? My doctor.” Mary relies on 18 hours of care a...

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Support your local independent bookshop: Order "A Girl Called Jack" from The Hive.

Just a very quick post to say – if you want to order my book, it’s currently £9.45 on The Hive, and will be delivered to a local independent book shop. I’ll be going back through my blog over the next few days to change all of the book-order links to this one – so bear with me, but I think this is a great idea. Thanks to the many of my readers who sent me the link. 🙂 Order “A GIRL CALLED JACK” from your local bookshop here. Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe Facebook:...

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