Dear Richard Littlejohn, here’s some polish for that turd.

Dear Richard Littlejohn,

I’ve read your trash non-journalism ‘comment’ piece about me in the Daily Mail this morning – not because it is a newspaper I read, but because a friend forwarded it to me.

Firstly, I have to commend you for managing to get so many facts completely wrong in a comparatively short article. But that’s your style isn’t it – never let the truth get in the way of a good smear campaign, or something like that.

So just in case you wanted to attempt to polish that turd of an article with something that resembles the truth, here’s some of them addressed:

1. I’m not single, I’m getting married in the Spring.

2. When I returned to work after maternity leave, I found it impossible to cover the irregular night shifts thirty miles from home with any form of childcare. Childminders just don’t work all night. My son’s father DID and DOES look after him, but at the time it was impossible to match our work shifts up with friends, family and childcare to cover my working hours. Because he works too. But don’t let that ruin your image of a very good man – as a feckless waster. I applied for flexible hours under the Fire Service flexible working policy, I applied for a job share post, I applied for day work roles, other jobs in the Fire Service closer to home, and was turned down on all counts.

So, 3. I didn’t sail out of the door for a life on benefits, I left to find a job closer to home, with better hours more suited to bringing up a young child alone. It took 18 months for me to find that job, and hundreds of applications, but I did it. And that’s what sticks in your craw, isn’t it? Because in order to satisfy the stereotype that you peddle day in day out in the rag currently lining my ferret cage, I should have stayed feckless and unemployed, and not tried to feed myself and my son decent nutritious meals, nor had the audacity to write about it.

4. I’m sure married men can raise families on £27k. There’s a few thousand in the fire service. I wouldn’t have had to give up my job if I’d had a wife to look after my child on night shifts either, so your point is null and void. What was I meant to do, take my son to work? (I actually asked…)

5. I’m a “hard pressed British taxpayer” too. You know that £27k salary I just mentioned? Well I paid tax into the big welfare pot from that salary. The difference between us is that I am glad I live in a country that seeks to look after its citizens with a safety net, imperfect as it is, it’s surely better than no support at all.

6. Claiming benefits wasn’t a lifestyle choice. See above.

7. It wasn’t a laptop, I blogged from my mobile phone. And before everyone starts bitching and bickering about the fact I had a mobile phone, it wasn’t a fancy smartphone – i’d sold that to pay the rent – it was a Nokia that could send emails, and I emailed the posts in. Now I have a full time job, I have a little notebook computer and a nice phone again, and I make no apology for that.

8. My food column is for anyone, funnily enough you don’t need to fill out a benefits assessment before being allowed to read it. My readership is varied and consists of young working families, people struggling to make ends meet, and also Paul Heaton, Nigel Slater and Tom Parker Bowles. I also eat baked beans, but kale was such an easy target for you, as you seem to have ideas about what people can eat based on their employment status.

9. I don’t have a 52″ plasma tv. I had a 17″ one that my parents bought me a few christmases ago but I sold it to pay the rent in August 2012.

10. “No one makes any money out of blogging”. Yes they do. Adverts on high-traffic blogs, guest posts, sponsored posts, product endorsement – there are many ways to make money out of blogging. I don’t go in for product endorsement posts, or guest or sponsored posts, but I do have adverts on my blog, which don’t pay much but they do “make money”. Even £1 is money, don’t you know? But that’s beside the point, you and I both know that I didn’t set that blog up to make a career out of it. There are 40million live blogs on the internet – the chances of mine leading to this when I started it, considering it was initially about Southend council meetings, are slimmer than the odds of winning the lottery.

11. I don’t ‘rely on some sort of income support from the state’. I still receive child benefit, like all parents that earn less than £50,000 a year, single, married or otherwise, but I stopped claiming ALL other benefits when I started working full time. I’m grateful that the welfare safety net is there, but I no longer need it because I have a full time job and earn just enough to look after myself and my son.

12. “They think they are entitled to benefits on their own terms.” Don’t tell me what I think… If “on my own terms” means “on time and not suspended without warning leaving me in rent arrears” then absolutely, yes.

13. Ah, the tattoos. An easy distraction from the real issues. Read this slowly and absorb: I got my first tattoo when I was 18 (no baby, in work) and continued spending my wages on my tattoos until I didn’t have WAGES to spend on them any more. I did not spend my “benefit money” on tattoos. End of. I do still have them, because tattoos are permanent, so even when you’re freezing and starving you can’t sell them for a bit of cash.

14. “Her arms look like your average professional footballer”. But thinner, non?

15. ‘Jack’s bill for body art’ (paid for when she was WORKING) is cheaper than you’d think, being done mostly by friends and apprentices. Not that it’s any of your business, what I spend my WAGES on.

16. “Want the gravy without having to work for it”. Ah, this old chestnut. See above. Left job to find new job. Now have a new job.

I think that’s everything.

Thankyou in advance for the amusement I will get reading the comments section of the Daily Mail today, and for the extra followers on Twitter and the messages of support. Yesterday’s smear campaign was a mild irritation, but my blog got lots of hits as people googled that feckless waster that dared to talk about a political issue, which in turn means that the income I receive from the little advert on the side bar will be significantly higher than usual. Cheers for that.

Oh, and if you really wanted your readers to foam at the mouth about me, I can’t understand why you omitted the detail that I’m a LESBIAN. Number 19 on this years Pink List lesbian, to be precise.

With my very best wishes,

Jack Monroe.

I’ve screen-shot his article below, for those interested that don’t want to visit the website…







(Now go and wash your eyes).

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @msjackmonroe

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  1. Good for you. I only console myself with the fact that such malign ignorance written by the likes of Mr Verylittlejohn and his acolytes merely illuminates their own glaring inadequacies. I’d also like to add that when I’m down your blog always gives me a bit more strength. Thanks Jack.

  2. Way to go Jack!
    I don’t often comment, but I have been reading every post as it comes through. I really enjoy your writing, and laughed out loud at the “rag currently lining my ferret cage”! Too good for the Daily Mail I say 🙂
    Keep it up

  3. Oh, Littledick. Lives in Florida, pretends to live in London, laziest ‘journalist’ you’ll ever come across. No research, no thought, just ignorant prejudice. He is a smear on your shoe.

  4. A lesbian , single tattooed mother on benefits ? Are you trying to make DM readers choke on their organic granola?

    • what possible business is it of yours???? lesbians have children too you know. we dont hand in our uterus when we get our lesbian card.

      • I’d like to hand in my uterus, I dont plan on using it and would save a lot of money on sanitary products :-p

    • Can I suggest that a) you read any of this fine woman’s blog for the bit about the father or b) check out any fertility clinic to find the myriad of ways available for lesbians to have children (you know, do some research) and definitely c) learn appropriate places to use hashtags.

    • Ah a Daily Mail reader. Are you the typical reader Littlejohn writes for? Lacking basic education or understanding of humanity and its various connotations, throwing ill thought out comments like hand grenades to illicit a certain response or just to offend others. Why can’t a lesbian have kids? I would be careful in your Daily Mail response as there are laws about discrimination that could get you in trouble. I’ve long held the view that journalists who write for papers are ‘feckless’ they serve no real purpose in our society anymore simply because any rational educated non bigoted person cannot believe a word that’s written. I for one will sign up to receive posts from this blog, if only to stand up to the bigotry and negativity shown to fellow Brits by you and your Daily Mail reading chumps.

      • Well if this is the intellectual level of Littlejohn and the Daily Mail on the whole, I can only guess at the sort of readers who buy that pile of steaming shite. It gets worse and worse and all these Right wing little Englanders can do is add insult to injury. 200 years ago Littlejohn would have been defending the slave trade or a little later excusing the Irish Famine. I was going to compare Littlejohn to Genghis Khan but I wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings; I mean Genghis’ feelings!!!

      • Or, you know, Sex? As in with a man you are in a relationship with?
        Being a lesbian doesn’t mean you woke up on your 10th birthday wanting only women for ever; lots of people have families before realising they are not in fact straight.

    • Ha ha, that is hilarious that the only part of this article that stood out is that she is a lesbian with a child!
      I think you may have missed the point a little.

  5. Love it! Way to go Jack! Missed the article as we avoid the “daily hate mail” at all costs! What is he doing in that job if he cannot be bothered to do the research?

  6. With all due respect – no, hang on, actually he deserves no respect at all. I love the fact that you ripped him to total shreds, making you seem far more valid as a commentator than him by a million miles! x

  7. I don’t read the Daily Mail, what a nasty bit of work, putting it very mildly. Apart from “his” shoddy research!

  8. Good for you, Jack. It must be horrible to be on the receiving end of so much bile, but I for one am rooting for you. You’re doing a fantastic job, and long may it continue! xx

  9. Classy response. So much better than my ‘cheeky little fecker!!’ while foaming at the mouth. Love your work. All the best, from over in New Zealand. x

  10. Jamie Oliver writes books with low cost ideas with nothing but praise. But because you target us, those in receipt of benefits you receive what is in essence a character assassination. Perhaps RJ just wants us in our place, home, obese and eating horsemeat burgers. He earned his coins today to feed his family.

  11. The fact that you refer to yourself in the third person indicates that may, in fact, be a pretentious tosser. The fact that you write for the Guardian confirms this.

  12. Bravo, madam, bravo. Littlejohn represents all that is worst about being from this island, anything which brings attention to his failings as a human being and his pretentions as a “journalist” is welcome.

    • If all a person can do is attack other people in an explosion of self-important bombastic flatulent half baked dribble mixed with unresearched spiteful cack from the bowels of hell, or Littlejohn’s fevered fantasy world whichever is worse, then as the old saying goes ‘what you say about others only ever really says more about you.’ Even Gary Bushell is Right wing but at least he’s got a bit of humour! Littlejohn’s attack is through thee fear that people are waking up to the fact we have no democracy here and we are now a gentleman’s club run by the very rich for the very rich, and their Right wing lapdogs like Littlejohn.

  13. Oh WOW Jack, you’ve really made it now! Getting that contemptuous vile little man all riled up shows that you are really making a difference. Maybe this article will make him so angry that he’ll explode in a ball of homophobic, transphobic single parent hating smoke and we’ll never have to hear from him ever again!

  14. Hi Jack, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and loving it. We have tried quite a few of your recipes with success. I’m in NZ, and am hoping your book comes out here (will buy on Amazon if not).

    I have not read the article this is based on, but your defense is magnificent. There will always be those who tear down people who stand up for what they believe in, but many more of us are inspired by you and your work.

  15. Is ‘Richard Cranium’ Littlejohn representative of the press freedom the press owners getting so het up about? We can do without that trash, and it’s high time people who rwite this stuff were put out to grass. More power to you, jack, and I’m off to Google to figure out what Pink List means – never too old to learn…..

    • Yes. He is precisely the sort of paid “hitman” that newspaper proprietors rely on to write bogus nonsense to further their political stance. Exactly the sort of distorted and vitriolic fantasising about people that Leveson was supposed to look at preventing.

      We have to remember what “freedom of speech” means to this sort off privileged right wing snob. They mean that they should have the right to say whatever they like with no regard to truth or any harm they may do to others, and that nobody should be allowed to reply.

      It’s also “journalists” like Littlejohn that are the reason so many of us have completely given up on newspapers as a source of information and now rely on new media. With a blog I can easily fact check for myself. With a newspaper all I know is that I can no longer rely on any fact checking at all. The current crop of newspaper proprietors are well on the way to completely destroying their own industry.

  16. I hope you’re considering having the bastard done for libel. That ‘article’ was outrageous. This was a brilliant takedown, though. You’re my hero, Jack, and I love your recipes!

    • Littlejohn has inspired complaint before, some to the Press Complaints Commission, others to the courts. I’m not aware of any case where he was censured personally. It’s best to treat Littlejohn like a troll – don’t give him too much attention, otherwise it just makes him worse.

  17. Read his disgusting article and attempted to comment, I doubt they will print it. The DM is the most hate filled rag out there, it makes me angry and sad that people believe any of its shit. I think you are an inspiration.

  18. Mr Littlejohn is so literate that he thinks “Beresford” is one of the Wombles, when it is actually the surname of the author of the original books!

  19. littlejohn is the slime that made sure a teacher was hounded to suicide because she happened to be trans. he’s such a shit. its a little like being criticised by hiltler. you can judge the merit of a person by the people who dislike them. that makes you todays winner of the internet jack. keep it up hun.

  20. Well done Jack! I loved this article. And anyway he aspires to be a smear on your shoe….. I also follow you and support you. You are doing great! X

  21. I haven’t read the Littledick article.
    But reading your response it’s clear I don’t have to: it’s the same toilet-wall filth it usually is.
    I sincerely hope press regulation will deal with lying hate-filled trash like that, and the articles they write against people.
    The injustice must hurt you so much, but it hurts all of us too, all of society.
    Well done.

  22. Don’t be too hard on the KKK Daily Jack. As a fellow scribbler you are going to have to learn that facts should not get in the way of a good story.(remove the s to reveal their masters). After all, by way of balanced journalism, there was that one day last month when the word immigration didn’t appear in their headline.

  23. I follow you for your intelligent and informed comments, your sense of humour, and your valuable cookery tips……. I have told my daughter about your blog for those reasons, you have no need to justify yourself to anyone, journalist or otherwise, just keep doing what you have been doing so well all along. The support is there for you, what you have done and continue to do speaks for itself.

  24. Spirited response Jack. Keep it up. Getting a pasting from the insidious Daily Fail can only be confirmation that you are making a difference. You are making a practical difference in so many people’s lives.

  25. Richard Littlejohn, seconds after meeting me, called me a cunt to my face. Proudest moment of my life.

    • Without having ever met you, nor indeed knowing anything about you, for this one thing alone… I like you immensely 🙂

  26. Your response is very good, but think not reading comments and not responding is better. Don’t stress, your followers know the full story. Reading and responding to trolls just fuels them up…even if they are clever responses. You have nothing to defend, just keep on keeping on, enjoy your change of fortune and live life as you want. Too much energy and stress spent on the ignorant who have not folowed you from the start and do not care to educate themselves. “Don’t carry dead men”! Haveva good weekend.

  27. Just read the article in question and I’m stunned how people nowadays can have so many prejudice….

  28. Sick and tired of people banging on about lesser beings claiming benefits. My husband worked for 30+ years and paid into ‘the system’ but when we needed to tap into it, it ripped us off totally and now we are £6k in debt. Never again. Thanks goodness full time work materialised but in the form of an apprenticeship which rewards £15k per annum for a family of 5. Looks like we’ll be dead before we pay the debt back. But I took cook from scratch and we all eat healthily. Friends offer us their holiday home so we get a holiday and a benevolent aunt generously pays for luxuries like swimming lessons for my 10 year old and subsidised trips away with youth organisations. We make

  29. I’m terrified that you might be somehow damaging your ferret by lining its cage with that terrible poison! ;-D xx Well done Jack, I love what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

    • Agree, I was wondering whether to call RSPCA about that, terrible cruelty to an innocent wee ferret!

  30. Oh btw, reading and following you all the way from Portugal, so I guess you are doing all the right things :D:D:D:D

  31. Jack, as a fellow blogger (nice work by the way, Littlejohn is always worth kicking), can I just say that the few segments written in the third person really jar?

    And no, I’m not going to insult you like a previous contributor, but is IS a bad habit (especially when I’m wearing my former adult literacy tutor’s hat, which can happen spontaneously).

  32. Jack – one thing you may have missed about Littlecock is that he lives on a gated estate in Florida and , presumably, emails his copy to Dacre. The man can’t even bear to live in the country whose values he seeks to defend. Typically Mail. Keep the faith, JP

    • I’m sure he fits right in with certain kinds of folk in Florida – is he trying to get a job with mitt romneys clan?!

  33. Remember Jack – BLESS THOSE WHO CURSE YOU. He just underscored this for you nicely. And he gave you the opportunity to finely-tune your journalistic talent in response to crap like that – which in turn makes your voice even louder and truer. Standing ovation for you!

  34. And now thanks to the Daily Mail you’ll be famous in France as well !
    Very well done ! Your blog is just great, I wish you luck and congratulations on your future wedding !

  35. Dear Jack – you made my day. Truly great you are. And please keep on doing what you are doing. As you must be on the perfectly right track if provoking such a bashing based on fear and nothing else. Thank you for speaking out. Following your posts always.

  36. Somewhere a village is missing their idiot. Off you go Littlejohn, there’s a good boy.

    Good work, Jack. You’d get my vote.

  37. Bloody well love this. Really sick and tired of bigots miss-understanding what the benefits system is there for and the range of people it helps – and the range of people that desperately need it. I hope that if anything happens to my job, its something that I can rely on too.

  38. Your response is spot on Jack. I think you are right to respond rather than ignore…sends people to your site and counteracts some of the vileness of the Daily Mail.
    The problem is that people do believe what they read in that rag and your response at least sets some of those who read it straight about the issues you campaign upon.
    You are an amazing inspiration.

  39. I took a look at his article. Apart from it being rubbish, his invective wasn’t even witty. He just comes across like the pub bore with the usual box of cliches. Unfortunately, many people agree with his views – if it’s in the paper it must be true.

    Someone should have told the cartoonist that it hasn’t been the DSS for years.

    Jack, your ferrets deserve better than this.

  40. I just tried to read his vile article, but couldn’t as it made me choke on my cornflakes. I hate the fact that he thinks that if you are on benefits you don’t eat kale and pesto and are some sort of under class. He is a horrid little man whereas you are strong and self assured. Go Jack!!

  41. i’ve been folowing you for a while but i never replied. So, All the way from Portugal, and with all respect…like we say here you left him “with he’s tail between he’s legs”(make sence?!).. I LOVED IT….
    “bless those who course you!”
    kiissees , and congrats for you marriage! 😀
    well done, Your a force of nature!

  42. Wouldn’t have wasted my time explaining anything to that ghastly conceited bloke but I’m glad you did.

  43. Well said! Sadly, your sort of success brings out the worst in some people. There will be more knuckle dragging troglodytes attacking you in the future but stay strong and keep fighting back and you’ll continue to show them up for what they are.

  44. Don’t usually comment on these things but you truly are an inspiration Jack. Keep up the great work

  45. Clearly you’ve rattled the Daily Mail’s cage by highlighting some of the injustices people on low or no income suffer from. Their mantra is of course to brand anyone out of work as scroungers regardless of circumstances. You are now on the receiving end of a classic Daily Mail smear campaign similar to the one on Ed Miliband recently. I’m not going to read the article in question because:

    1. I can see it will be garbage from your quotes
    2. I don’t wish to be a source of revenue for that “newspaper”

    Best wishes and keep up the recipes which I have enjoyed several of.

    • I did too – but was actually heartened by the large number of people supporting Jack! I guess not all Daily Misery readers are awful!

  46. I was initially a touch dismayed that you had to take time to reply to this sickening, hate-filled creature and his blind, disgusting political agenda. But you did a great, entertaining job of it, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading rebuttal. Of course, I’m still saddened that such attacks take place, but it’s great you identified the brighter ramifications.

    Thanks for the brilliant recipes, blog and all that you do.

  47. You are a true inspiration and people like Littlejohn should not be given the space to voice his vile, rubbish lies. Hugest respect to you, and love your recipes by the way!

  48. You bloody tell them, Jack. Savage little small-minded man. I’d use worse words, but this is a family blog, after all 😉 Nil bastardum carborundum and all that.

  49. Well argued points in your response to LittleJohn – However, the left always rage about any efforts to address the runaway welfare bill – but do they have any constructive suggestions to control it, before it bankrupts the nation?

    • Nearly 50% of the welfare the bill is spent on pensions, I would means-test that firstly (in my opinion all benefits should be means-tested on a sliding scale) and then focus on spending the rest on programs that help people get jobs, stay away from crime, stay off drugs etc. In the long run these will significantly reduce the money paid directly to people. The reality is that “benefit-scroungers” are actually tiny in terms of the amount of the welfare bill and although they should be targeted it’s not going to slash the bill.

    • The benefits bill is irrelevant here – this is about a personal attack on someone in work, and a quite brilliant riposte to it.
      But as you mention it, how about a regional living wage being made mandatory to eliminate the government subsidy to those employers who do not pay adequate wages for their staff to survive on and scrounge the rest off the taxpayer? Most benefits go as pensions and in-work benefits, not to ‘feckless scroungers sleeping off a life on benefits’ (as the Daily Fail and George Osborne would characterise it) – a living wage would eliminate one huge chunk of that and remove a distortion in the market.

  50. I agree totally with Sylvan above, rise above the scum and keep you head held high. No need to justify yourself, your life or your past to him or anyone else.

  51. I’m jolly glad every moronic DM reader who comes here to attempt to ridicule you will be contributing to bringing up your son via ad revenue. Keep up the good work

  52. I knew those tattoos were to blame! Keep up the good work. I’m not broke or anywhere near the poverty line but your blog has completely changed the way I spend my money on food and has highlighted how much money I’ve been wasting in the past.

  53. What a beautifully written retort to a very nasty and unfair article. My personal favourites are points 3, 12, and 13 :). You’ve become a voice for those who are struggling, not just with financial issues, but with sexual identity/’coming out’, bullying (which is what I would call yesterday’s Daily Mail article-large scale public bullying and possibly attempted slander (just my own humble opinion here) and/or other issues I haven’t thought of but which may have touched someone else’s life and caused them to read and relate to your blog. A blog that has gone from relatively humble beginnings (in terms of size of readership) to a worldwide audience in a short timespan, tells me that your writing strikes a chord with people on many levels, and from every walk of life. Although the social media is a double edged sword in many ways (bullying for example) your blog is an example of social media at its very best-levelling the playing field between those who have ‘everything’ and those who have little in terms of material/financial wealth. The fact that anyone with something worthwhile to say can have a voice, whether they type from the computer at the library, an old cell phone, or the latest fancy laptop (which I’m guessing was Mr. Littlejohn’s choice). Possibly the biggest difference between your style of journalism and that of Mr. Littlejohn’s, is that your writing helps, inspires, and lifts people up, while Littlejohn’s helps no one, promotes negativity, and aims to tear people down. I know which kind of journalism I’d rather read with my morning tea. Now I’m off to try another one of your recipes-trying to get my three year old to eat more veggies! xx

    • Well said my thoughts exactly.
      For those who have noticed Jacks slip into the third person in some of the answers, I reckon the blood was pumping rather a lot lol

    • ‘Possibly the biggest difference between your style of journalism and that of Mr. Littlejohn’s, is that your writing helps, inspires, and lifts people up, while Littlejohn’s helps no one, promotes negativity, and aims to tear people down. I know which kind of journalism I’d rather read with my morning tea.’ That is the big BIG difference between Jack and Littlejohn and you have boiled it down perfectly. Jack is positive and getting on in life and trying to help people, and Littlejohn and the Right wing press are negative and merely putting the boot in when someone is already lying damaged in the gutter. You know, there are deeper issues here that I try to understand, and for the life of me I cannot understand why those who are already privileged and wealthy and have affluent careers and lifestyles at the same time are so unhappy or so bigoted that they must demean others who don’t have privilege or affluent lifestyles. Equally, Littlejohn attacks Jack now that she has turned her life around, so in the eyes of the Daily Mail (Der Angriff) and Right wing lapdogs like our illustrious friend Littlejohn, she can’t do right for doing wrong. You’re poor? We hate you! You get on? We despise you! My view then is simple; people like Littlejohn and all the other amorphous mass of Right wing types should be seen as the sad and pathetic little trolls they really are, amounting to nothing and drowning in a sea of their own jealousy, contempt and negativity and trying to bring everyone down to their level. The Daily Mail is like the Sun; I would not pay a penny for a tonload of either, I would not have either in my house if I could help and I wouldn’t even use either as toilet paper.

      On a serious note, now that there is a rising anger towards this present government and the vile profiteering of the gas and electricity and others, and the fact Ed Miliband has come out fighting, all the little and not so little Right wingers and right whingers are coming out of the woodwork, petrified that the game is up. Nobody seems to care that many 1000’s of pensioners may die this year of cold because they can’t afford to heat their homes and that things are continually getting worse for millions of people, just that rich people may not get quite as rich. They are all for the most part hypocrites. That’s the mildest word I would use for them, and the politest.

  54. Well done Jack. By the way your readership also includes a 63 year old retired NHS employee who keeps telling all her friends about you. Keep up the good work.

  55. Marvellous response. I really can’t believe any editor still pays Littlejohn for the kind of tired, hatred-by-numbers crap he writes.
    “Big plasma telly?” Check. “Feckless single mother?” Check. “Chavs who don’t know a courgette from a cucumber?” Check.
    He “writes” this drivel in his sleep. Bet he’s now kicking himself for somehow missing “tattooed lesbian” off his checklist!
    More fool the DM for actually paying him for it. I’m sure there’s some kind of automated program they could use (key words, scrounger, woman, working class, plasma, idle, etc), to do it for free.

    • Catherine; perhaps he does not actually exist and you are indeed correct. It is all written by an automated program fed such words! How can people like him actually make careers built on such jealous and contemptuous drivel? And just who exactly buys THAT newspaper anyway?

  56. Brilliant. I can only hope the. Daily mail loses more readers over this. He clearly. Did not bother reading your blog before he wrote this. Mind you, knowing the real story would ruin the. Daily mail’s. Campaign to turn everyone against. Women, people on benefits and parents that have the cheek to put their children before material things/career progression.

  57. I’m concerned for the ferrets. Excellent reply! Wasted on him, of course, but a great read for the rest of us. Thanks so much! Great blog, keep going!

  58. You really shouldn’t bite at all these unresearched articles, lol -he only wrote about you to get his ratings up. Yours got the most ‘shares’ since he wrote about sexism at the BBC. Only a dozen people -at most- think his other stuff is worth anything. And one of those is probably his mum.

  59. I’d go to the DM website and comment in support of you, Jack, but 1) I vowed never to go there again after yesterday’s hatchet job and 2) those assholes dishonestly moderate their comments.

    • They allowed my comment today – and I said I thought Littlejohn’s article bordered on libellous!

      • Hi Wendy. I’ve found it to be around 50 / 50 when posting a comment that criticises a DM story – even when keeping the comment free of swear words or deliberately inflammatory content. I guess they want to maintain the appearance of being fair by letting some comments through.

  60. *swoons* excellent blog, fabby response. love love LOVE your posts (not to mention the tattoos). Eventually he will be a no one but you will always be someone who cared and worked hard. Never stop.

    jem x x

  61. Regardless of the usual untalented witless ranting, this Littlejohn column doesn’t even make any sense. His premise is that Jack the welfare loafer is typical of the modern Labour Party supporter. While exhibit two Beresford Casey is a higher rate tax paying entrepreneur.

    His sin is not coming up with ideas for cheap meals but selling fancy overpriced foreign muck to posho intellectuals in North London.

    I suspect Littlejohn has more contempt for Beresford than Jack because he’s not buying into his bigoted laissez-faire bile. A class traitor you might say.

  62. Can I suggest you complain to the PCC – I would do it, but they won’t investigate his article unless you complain, as it’s about you. The factual inaccuracies alone deserve a printed apology in the Mail.

  63. Richard Littlejohn is a c**t and the Daily Mail is a piece of s**t.
    And I really can not put it more eloquently than that.

  64. “Charlie (@_charlie123) says:
    November 1, 2013 at 9:55 am
    I’d rather be a Guardianista than a cunt.”

    Thank you, Charlie. My motto from now on.

  65. Notwithstanding Little-Jonh’s, somewhat lazy inaccuracies, having read some parts of your blog, it appears to be a forum for left-wing propaganda.

    ‘…I gave the pasta to my boy and went to bed hungry with a pot of home made ginger tea to ease the stomach pains…This morning, small boy had one of the last Weetabix, mashed with water, with a glass of tap water to wash it down with…’


    Are you funded by the unions by any chance?

  66. Nobody with a biggots mind set like Mr little john is ever going to see the truth or be happy that a fellow human won’t lie down and die for this goverment or any other and the fact your a SHOCK HORROR a woman means surely you have something to hide you don’t need a biggot or a biggots followers to validate your work or your excistance let him crack on with his poison spite hate campaign didn’t work for the KKK and his warmongering against your life won’t work for him much love x x x

  67. I never read the DM so did not see the article by Littlejohn but you have given him a good verbal thrashing and I congratulate you. Good for you and hold your head high.

  68. I read the daily mail, but take it for what it is, a rag. I was horrified by this article and it’s blatant smear of Jack. For every person knocking you Jack, there are hundreds more in support of you and will continue to follow and support you.

  69. Well said Jack – more power to your pen!

    As regards Littlejohn, we need to remember that he is paid by the Mail to reinforce prejudice, not to educate or inform. Where facts are concerned he picks up that which suits him and drops that which suits him not. Does he not understand that an unemployed person’s tv was purchased when that person was employed? Of course he does – this simply elects to ignore the fact. People having jobs, losing them and then looking for new jobs is messy and harmful to the task of supporting the prejudices. People must belong to one of two categories, scrounged or hard-working taxpayer.

    Of course Jack is a difficult subject for him because she is a hard-working, tax-paying mum. In the end his piece implodes if you analyse it, but that doesn’t matter, since the intended audience will not read it.

  70. You’ve officially made it now Jack, hated by the Daily Mail – that’s a hallmark of a good, decent person!

    I was going to go and read the article but the DM makes my blood boil so I’d better not…

  71. One wonders how many people will bother to come to your site to check the facts though. It’s a shame how one person can utterly malign another and, almost certainly, influence thousands of people with their misinformed and venomous literary vomit.

    Although I can tell that you pretty much don’t give a crap! Yay you!

  72. Brilliant repost. Your recipes are not just good for people on benefit as pensioners have to choose between heat or eat as well. KC

  73. In the interests of balance I thought I’d have a quick look through his previous columns (it’s called research Dick!!) . On fortunately after a few minutes I was attempting to claw my own eyes out and suspect host the resulting headache is the result of my poor brain cells flinging themselves against the inside of my skull in a desperate attempt at suicide. My findings are as follows
    Dick hates
    – the LGBT community
    – poor people
    – anyone on benefits
    – the police
    – council workers
    – foreigners
    — immigrants
    -anyone with a tattoo
    – punks/goths /emo’s/metal fans
    -anyone who reads the Guardian
    – the BBC
    – single mothers
    — anyone who is friends with any of the above
    Dick likes
    – Richard Littlejohn

  74. The best post I’ve read in a long while, Jack. Poverty is no laughing matter but I’m afraid that I had a good chortle at your putting this saddo in his place. I find it hard to believe that even Daily Mail readers can believe his sh*t. Good scran by the way (from someone who happily isn’t forced to eat at those costs but loves the recipes).

  75. Excellent. As an “ordinary person” who has grown kale in the backyard for food, I now know what to do with the unused stalks – “stuffed Littlejohn”.

  76. and because of that dreadfully written article in the appaling rag DM I got to hear about you. well done for correcting him/them/turds

  77. came here because of the article. i’ve read your blog for about a year and it’s great. you’ve done a great job for your son and this article is typical of you. you could have written something truly vile about littlejohn (as he did about you and i feel he definitely deserves) but have kept it restrained and factual. all the best to you

  78. I was livid when I read that article this morning and had to remind myself that being riled some way or another just plays into their hands….they are a disgrace to all decent journalists…

  79. What utter tosh! He’s a miserable old man just carping on!
    Still agree with what you stand for and who you are. Keep up the good work Jack 🙂

  80. Well written Jack – I hope the extra income your ads make from all these new readers will help you to buy a better class of newspaper to line the ferret’s cage with!! I loathe the DM and Dicky Littledick – you just made my day 🙂

  81. Yeah, when I looked at your photo I guessed you looked like a lesbian – but then I was amazed that you had a child. How did that happen, a slip up? – or are you a part-time lesbian – in between having a real shag? Just asking.

    • I hoped at first that this was sarcastic but I fear it isn’t. If not, I’m going to take some guesses here too – they involve what you think “a real shag” is. Don’t worry, that didn’t take long and was about as unsatisfying as I suspect the fleshspace experience would be.

      Go you: you’re a winner. An anonymous winner.

    • Tell me, are you a full-time idiot, or was this pathetic insult masquerading as a comment a slip up in between having real thought processes? Just asking.

    • I’m guessing if i want a ‘real shag’, i wont be contacting Doc Handley 😛 pretty sure he’s not up to it

  82. Thanks Jack, a *really* well-written response piece to a shockingly (well, would be if I didn’t already know the Daily Heil’s work) untruthful & hate-filled lump of turd.

    Thanks for sharing the Heil piece too – last thing I want to do is feed their ad-revenue!

    • ‘Thanks Jack, a *really* well-written response piece to a shockingly (well, would be if I didn’t already know the Daily Heil’s work) untruthful & hate-filled lump of turd.’

      Be careful Glyn; there may be hate filled lumps of turd in a sewer near you who are about to sue you for defamation of character!!!! Comparing them to Littlejohn! Even hate filled lumps of turd have feelings you know.

  83. I think putting that rag in your ferret’s cage is a bit of an insult – to the ferret! We used to cut up squares of newspaper then run string through it for the outside loo. Now that’s an idea….. Love your reply. Hey, Mr LittleJob, never assume – it makes an ass of you!

  84. Glad to see there are an awful lot of comments on the Mail article that are scathing of Littlejohn’s hatchet job and they appear to be from regular Mail readers. Think he might have misjudged his audience – not that he’ll care, the Mail Online isn’t about journalism, it’s all about advertising clicks.

  85. Hello. I never, or hardly ever. post comments to blogs or below-the-line- on newspapers sites. Once you start that, I fear that you’ve opened up a whole can of worms, you’re down the rabbit hole, and that way lies madness etc..
    But want to make an exception here to say……Well Done. Bloody well done. In everything you do and have done, and in what you have written here.
    That’s it, really. I could go on. But mainly just want to say well done, don’t let RL and b***ards like him get you down, and keep up the good work.

  86. Dear Girl Called Jack

    I read with great interest a piece about you in the Guardian a month or two ago and thought “Bravo” – not only for your fortitude in pulling yourself out of hard times, but for taking your experiences and using them to be of service to others. It’s enough of an achievement for anyone to deal with poverty and unemployment, but it’s a very special thing indeed when someone can transform their experience beyond the personal and into something that helps others, as you are doing with your blog and recipes.

    I’ve never read Richard Littlejohn before – like you, I don’t read the Daily Hate Mail – but as I’m a white male (gay and an immigrant, but he doesn’t know that) and not currently in receipt of benefits I’m less likely to be on the receiving end of his bile. I’m fortunate enough to work in a job that pays a good salary so I can insulate myself from the kind of criticism that he and his evil-minded publishers unleash at more vulnerable people. I’m appalled that anyone would write this kind of muddle-headed and wounding abuse about you and get it published in a national newspaper, and distressed that this kind of knee-jerk cynicism and “rip em to shreds” mentality in the tabloids gets so much coverage. But it does, sadly.

    Once again, I have to say “Bravo” for your intelligent, insightful and quite properly infuriated response to Mr Littlejohn. It was excellently judged, highly entertaining, and delivered the rhetorical slap across the face that he and his kind desperately need. I wish that we had more people like you in the media, and fewer of the Mr Littlejohns preaching their messages of hate, spitefulness and wilful misunderstanding.

    I wish you well, and hope that you keep writing and cooking. I have signed up to get updates from your blog, and look forward to reading your work in the future.

  87. Fancy that! A Turdoch rag smear merchant slagging off a single mum who’s had the temerity to overcome adversity and want to help others down on their luck.

    We can only hope that gruesome old crook gets a hefty gaol sentence along with his sycophantic henchmen.

    Good on you, Jack for standing up to one of Murdoch’s bully boys and giving better than you got.

  88. If I ever needed further confirmation of the worthlessness of the reporting in the Daily Mail and its ilk then this is it. Jack you are,as ever, inspirational and far and away above these uninformed, narrow-minded ridiculous people. Well done for providing an exemplar in measured yet clear responses.

  89. Littlejohn doesn’t pay tax as he salts it away offshore.
    He has 15 illegals working for him in his basement.
    He has been married twelve times and has a dozen mistresses.
    He is actually 4 feet 6 inches but wears stilts.
    He’s also an arse.

    (All untrue, but that’s what Littlejohn does)

    ps – the arse bit is of course true.

  90. Reading the DM is a guilty pleasure but I was disgusted by the Littlejohn hatchet job on you. I left a comment to that effect, which at last check was pushing 100 votes agreeing with me. Not bad, for DM readers 😉

  91. Hey Jack, I found your blog thanks to Littlejohn so it’s not all bad! Have you got an aldi local to you? I first went there out of desperation only to find that their produce is cheaper than the value ranges and far better quality than the ‘named brands’. Loved you’re reply by the way. People like him think they can get away with saying anything they like!!

  92. Hello Jack, only came across you today while reading the Guardian online. I live in Amsterdam, away from what the British call newspapers, but I am aware of the Daily Mail. Love your response to a vile piece of Jour….. actually lets just call it what it is, a pack of lies in a filthy rag. Well done you for your response. But more than that well done for the way you live your life, a bit like the rest of us normal people that get by, as well as we can. You are a great example of how a person should behave. It takes a lot of courage and energy to stand up to the likes of Littlejohn because they have an advantage, they can lie through their teeth and get away with it. Best wishes to you, your son and your partner.

  93. Richard Littlejohn writes for the thick of neck, slack of jaw mouth breathers and right wing racists. But I won’t advise you to ignore because you have a voice and you should use it.

    He felll into the Pit Of Stupid a long long time ago.

    You on the other hand have integrity.

    Keep going Jack.

  94. Typical DM getting all the facts wrong. I’m on a low income, paying to put myself through evening classes and don’t claim any benefits. Just because I’m on a low income, doesn’t mean I have to eat spaghetti hoops from a tin, like those on a high income I care about my health and want to eat a balanced diet. Your recipies have been invaluably helpful and I love the kale pesto pasta.

  95. I was sort of aware of your blog before but didn’t know much about you – being a Guardian reader I got to see your blog riposte to Richard Littlejohn’s woefully, laughably ignorant fact-free-zone of an opinion piece in the Daily Mail…. and just wanted to say, you go girl!
    You’re clearly hardworking, intelligent and a great mother, and your blog is undoubtedly helping a lot of people to eat well on very little cash. Well done and I wish you the best – the only way to beat ignorant, nasty bullying idiots like Richard Littlejohn is to carry on regardless. People like him are the real losers.
    Looking forward to reading your blog on a regular basis now!

  96. I don’t and won’t read the Mail, because of the reasons you highlight – and well, I don’t see the point of making myself angry over small minded lies. But I will follow your excellent excellent blog.
    Good luck to you GCJ

  97. Dear Girl Called Jack

    I read a piece you’d written for the Guardian a few months ago and thought “Bravo” – not only had you pulled yourself out of difficult times, but you’d gone a step further and used your experiences and talent to be of service to others.

    I read this piece today, forwarded to me by a friend, and once again have to say “Bravo” for defending yourself so eloquently and sensibly against Mr Littlejohn. Like you, I don’t read the Daily Mail, though if I owned a ferret I’m sure I too would use it to line its cage. As a white university educated male in full time employment, I’m not in the firing line of Littlejohn and his kind (I’m gay and an immigrant, but he doesn’t know that). My income allows me to insulate myself from the kind of bullying that he and his vile newspaper let loose on the poor and vulnerable of our society. However, I’m also aware that, like most mortgagees, I’m only a few defaulted payments away from being in the kinds of circumstances that you’ve been in and that Mr Littlejohn feels free to sneer about so callously.

    As delighted as I am that you can take on an unsympathetic bigot like Littlejohn, I wish that you didn’t have to. I’m embarrassed to be living in a society where people like Mr Littlejohn can get published in a national newsletter. His knee-jerk cynicism, fed by the circulation-hungry tabloid newspaper behind him, makes a spectacle out of dog-eat-dog brutality. It contributes nothing to our society, other than degrading our empathy and compassion towards the vulnerable. We need more of your sort in the world, and much fewer of his.

    Congratulations again on the success of your blog and your recipes. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

  98. Reading the DM is a guilty pleasure but I was disgusted by the Littlejohn hatchet job of an article about you. I left a comment to say as much and it has got approx 100 votes in agreement with me. There is hope for DM readers…!

  99. Thanks for including a screen shot of that silly little mans’ article, I almost had to go on their website!!!

  100. I will admit I had never heard of you before reading this, but felt compelled to say….”bloody well said”. I sincerely hope Richard Littlejohn reads this!

  101. Littlejohn is an uneducated, bigoted fool. And Elisabeth Beresford WROTE The Wombles. She wasn’t a womble herself.

  102. I read RLJ’s travesty of an article first in total disbelief, as inaccuracies & pure speculation flowed one after the other! I didn’t need to read your response, Jack, as I knew it would be on the button (I did read it of course, excellent!) & put that bigoted idiot in his place; not that he’ll likely pay it much thought…

    Despite having written such a great retort, it’s still sad that you should have to at all. Shouldn’t the bigot “journalist” have done his research first, to get at least more than a small handful of facts right? And he still has a job?? 🙁

    Still, I’m sure most people reading this will know which corner to back here (yours, in case my stance wasn’t clear) and, as has already been stated, it gives you some great media exposure & blog hits!

    Keep it up, Jack!

  103. I admit I’d never heard of you before, but just read your letter on the Guardian’s site. Thought it worth adding my words of support – nicely said, and good on you! 🙂

  104. First they don’t talk about you. Then you get noticed. If you continue to get noticed you will get a campaign like this. This is annoying, even if it the arguments to counter are valid. So, it seems you are in the picture. You might be able to use this kind of attention for your mission. I wish you good luck for that. It is likely that one day you won’t be in the picture anymore, so prepare for that too.

  105. Ha ha ha! Genius. Way to go! I’m surprised your ferret doesn’t object to having to wipe its arse on that filthy dirty rag. At least you’ve proved there is a use for it.

  106. What a horrible, insecure little man. Using a multi-million pound mass-circulation “newspaper” to trash a lone blogger. I guess they don’t like the competition!

    You should call the PCC – that’s really out of order.

    • ‘Littlejohn’s Arse on a Plate.
      Surely a new recipe.’

      Yes, but you’d have to be starving to eat it wouldn’t you? And with him, the shit seems to come out of more places than his arse.

  107. Strange people on this blog,an apparent lezzie with a kid bellyacking about how hard life is and how hard done by she is. Shame!

    • You being the only strange condescending person on here as far as I can see Colin. Have no idea what ‘Bellyacking’ means but Jack is inspirational, she has guts, she doesn’t take no crap lying down and as for the ‘apparent lezzie’ comment, there’s no apparent to it. She is a lesbian not that it changes anything. The fact you had to mention her sexual preference shows how disrespectful you are. Shame on YOU!

    • Colin, have you actually read Jack’s article? I have, and it’s not about ‘how hard life is and how hard done by she is’. It’s about the factual accuracy (or otherwise) of what Richard Littlejohn wrote and published without having checked.

    • ‘and what is this “welfare classes” that he bangs on about? Vile.’

      How about the Royal Family and the millionaire and billionaire tax dodgers of all kinds, and all the posh semi aristocrats who get fast tracked to power and into wonderful careers with no effort and even less discernible talent simply because their ancestor was a slave trader or plantation owner or land grabber? They are the biggest recipients of largesse and welfare anywhere.

  108. Littlejohn betrays an enormous self-satisfaction and a willingness to attack and destroy any of the millions of people less forunate (and therefore, to him, less worthy) than himself who put their head above the parapet in any way. He is part of the campaign being waged by the Conservatives and their pals to demonise people on benefits, divide working people into “skivers” and “strivers” and leave tax-dodging millionaires a free run. Good for Jack, good luck with your blogging and all your other courageous activities in support of yourself and all reasonable people.

  109. A great piece. Congrats! My only regret is that I found this article on the Guardian site and worry that some people will only read your wonderful piece there and not on your site [where the advertising revenue will help?] Hopefully the extra exposure will be more positive?

  110. Well said. I personally find it laughable that he thinks people buy vegetables by some sort of class/income bracket rather than what is the cheapest. Someone who has never had to shop on a fixed income.

  111. It amazes me how many people have opinions on other peoples lives; gay/straight/mother/father/single/married/ working/whether they eat kale?!…really anyone else’s business? My life is full enough taking care of my own to constantly pontificate what others are doing with theirs.

  112. It’s funny how he assumed all these things about you with what seems like little to no research.
    Ah well I assume he’s a dick head.

  113. Very well thought out and intelligent response to a truly vile article.

    Well done and thank you for supporting single parents everywhere with all that you do, the inspirational blog posts, the recipes and for setting a good example.

    I am a self employed, single mother who partially depends on benefits and I’m sure Mail readers would judge me harshly too. You’re a very strong woman, I have so much respect for you x

  114. What a marvellously erudite rebuttal. Top work. I’m now imagining Richard Littlejohn going home to forlornly wipe his arse on his, clearly fake, ‘journalism diploma’.

  115. I have never ever commented on anything on the internet ever. But I simply had to tell you that I almost did an air pump channeling Rocky completing his pre-match fitness montage after reading this. No joke. Next time someone is sexist/racist/homophobic/ridiculous I will merely channel you.

    Nice one.

  116. Jack I love you! Anyone who can have a go at Richard Shitaljohn is a star in my eyes. I love your blog and follow you on twitter and believe that you like many normally people have had a really tough couple of years, but you, unlike some, chose to do something positive about it, without that being your initial aim. Well Done x million xx

  117. Just seen your response to Littlejohn which was shared by a friend on Facebook – good on ya and congratulations on getting hitched next year.

  118. Good on you Jack. You have given the Daily Mail another chance to embarrass themselves in front of the whole nation. Absolutely falling off my chair with all the “you have a child? What kind of lesbian are you?!” comments. I wish you, your little boy and your blog all the luck in the world. X

  119. I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy about this, but just so you know, if I see Littledick out and about, I’m going to punch him in the mouth very hard. It’s just a matter of time. I know it’s wrong, but that’s just what I’m going to do.

    Also, he didn’t mention that you are lesbian because he was scared it might start to read a bit like a smear campaign 😉

    Live long and prosper Jack, and remember – people as hateful as Littledick can surely never be at peace with themselves.

  120. Many Daily Mail and Sun reading fucktards believe what they want to believe unfortunately, where would these no life tossers be without people to look down on to compensate for the hollowness that is their existence?

  121. You shouldn’t have had the child if you weren’t able to look after him/her without relying on handouts. Completely selfish and irresponsible. End of

    • Unless I’m much mistaken, when the child was born Jack *wasn’t* needing to rely on handouts; she had a job, as well as a partner who also had a job. Are you saying she should never have had a child ever just in case something went wrong eventually? Interesting idea. If we applied that everywhere, there’d be no people left. Congrats on sharing Littlejohn’s ability to jump to biased conclusions instead of looking for the history; unfortunately, it’ll probably take you far.

    • Confess, you’re Littlejohn, aren’t you? Just for the record, received a state benefit is not a handout, it’s an entitlement.

    • Have you got kids?

      If so, you may live to regret that comment… BTW may I say how brave you are, picking on a little kid? Oh hang on that’s not the word… I meant cowardly!

      What’s it like being a miserable, evil little coward who hides behind a computer to snipe at little children? Do you troll the CBeebies talkboard as well?

  122. Honesty, intelligence, wit and eloquence will never be celebrated in the Littlejohn column, and for that reason, you should wear your slating with pride. I wanted to high five you at the end of this rebuttal. Keep up the good work, Jack; the world needs more people with your principles and drive. Masses of congratulations on your engagement and on making the Pink List.

  123. Hi Jack

    first heard you on a radio interview and loved what I heard – then caught up online – and posted you to my pals…

    there is an old maxim ‘to thine own self – be true’

    and you certainly are – you just have to read the great posts from these fabulous people above to see that !

    the other oldie is ‘don’t let the bastards grind you down’ and unfortunately you will get some of this – just IGNORE !


  124. Dear Jack,
    I’ve been an admirer of your posts for some time but decided to officially follow you when I read your riposte to Richard Littlejohn.
    He’s a pillock, you’re a star. Keep up the good work.

  125. Well said – though I have to correct you, the turd is the author rather than the article and he is well beyond polishing up.

  126. I had just been considering subscribing to the Guardian. Decision now made. You rock, must have more. ps: If I click on your blog page over and over again, do you earn a little bit each time?

  127. I find this never gets boring:

    Your first and last points sort of explain each other – In Littlejohn’s world, a woman without a husband (or at the very least a boyfriend) must obviously be single. Watch out for some changes after you get married (congratulations, by the way), for example you should develop the ability to spin your head round 360 degrees, your blood may also run green and everything you touch will turn to hummous. This is a normal part of becoming a mythical beast. You should remain calm and consult your GP if you need advice to help manage these changes.

  128. Richard Littlejohn is a cancer. For those who don’t know his part in the Lucy Meadows case, look it up. His was the most prolific voice in a concerted bullying campaign that can’t have been anything but a part of the context of her suicide. Of course, like any bully boy scum he will hide behind what can and can’t be proved. But Lucy was hounded by the press on her doorstep in the lead up to her death, she was just trying to get on with her job after a gender change process.

    RL felt qualified to say she shouldn’t be in her job as a primary school teacher. Presumably he is pleased that she no longer is, that it is via death is mere detail.

    He loves the attention this kind of hate generates. His Blackshirt licking rag is a major cause of toxicity in this country. They hate Britain, never stop moaning about it. The Daily Blackshirt is an enemy of human decency and dignity. It’s readers should be ashamed of themselves.

  129. I’m actually quite impressed by this rebuttal. It’s blatantly clear that Littlejohn did a nominal level of research for his article at best. It’s certainly not the first time he’s been exposed for this either. He gets paid around £800,000 a year from the Daily Mail – which is mostly explained by the fact he’s been in the industry since the 1970s – yet when a blogger and someone relatively new to the media world is able to write such a devastatingly effective response to his work, it does make me wonder how on earth he’s still in the position he is.

    Most Grauniad types annoy the hell out of me, and some of them definitely live on another planet. You, though, are a million miles closer to reality than a multi-millionaire columnist who lives in Florida for most of the year.

  130. Absolutely brilliant. I find it hard (actually I mean impossible,) to find any other word apart from c**t to describe Dick Littlecock 😉

  131. I am giving you a standing ovation for a superbly written reply. I returned to work post maternity leave as a ‘single mother’ working 3 days a week as a hospital doctor. My childcare actually cost more than my salary which was also about 27k- 3 days of nursery and someone to drop and collect my son as hospital hours were longer than any nursery day. Luckily my sons father paid me maintenance and looking after his son when I did nights. If I struggled as a single mother in a well paid job, an incredibly flexible nanny, a father who looked after his son two nights a week- what is the average single mother up against?
    Well done for writing your superb, inspiring blog.
    Your sincerely
    Sara Hamilton, mother, activist and Paediatrician

  132. My eyes hurt from reading a Daily Fail article.

    (Its what its called between me and my midwifery colleagues, who also often face a bashing or 5 every week from the “journalists” at the DM. Chin up, you’re in good company!)

  133. Wonderful wonderful wonderful.Slaps the panties off him with both clarity and style! Fantastic, I am so impressed by you and your writing.

  134. Mr Littlejohn has always been a complete idiot – had his head up his arse as a teenager seems it’s still there!! He should be ashamed of himself – but then he doesn’t have a heart nor a conscious!

  135. “‘Ordinary’ people don’t eat pasta – they eat spaghetti out of tins”? Really? When was the last time he shopped in Tesco? He’d realise a packet of dried spaghetti big enough to feed a family is cheaper than a tin of spaghetti that barely does lunch for one.

  136. Well done. this beautifully sums up the unctuous Littlejohn and his bafflingly ignorant, disparaging style of journalism.

  137. Had seen a few bits and pieces of yours in the Guardian before, wouldn’t have thought you’d be able to generate enough material for Littlejunk to start spewing his hateful vitriol, to be honest! Young woman makes simple, nutritious food on budget and at one point had to support a child on entitlements! Shocker.
    You’re doing sterling work and highlighting a great cause and I wish you all the best.

  138. Felt the need to show support – thank you for standing up to that sh!iterag better known as the DM. So much respect for you, please keep going.

  139. Dickhead’s idea of work is a load of cut and paste shite,regurgitated week in week out ,an obvious woman hater (replace the word woman with anyone not male, white ,or middle class).However just calling him a turd doesn’t really do him justice.His boss Dacre is the real steaming mess on the pavement.Dick is most likely the lolly stick shoved in it.

  140. If you want honest, accurate and intelligent journalism you should not be reading the Daily Mail. The RL article is simply an opinion piece, based on prejudice rather than fact. I will read Jack’s future blogs with interest, but will not be breaking the habit of 20+ years by reading the DM.

  141. Well done for standing up to Richard Littlejohn. You write so articulately and with such passion and that’s to be admired in this modern world. Good for you 🙂

  142. Littlejohn’s journalism is a disgrace, as is the editorial direction of that dreadful newspaper. You have the satisfaction of knowing that you have an ever growing set of supporters who, through you, have been made aware of the injustice and inequality that is in our midst, and which the readership of the Mail just wish would go away.

  143. Well, one thing Littlejohn’s ‘article’ was good for (other than lining the ferret cage of course) … it meant I found this blog. I find DM is one of those things you know you shouldn’t look at, but you keep getting sucked back – but it does direct me to a few good things (usually by maligning them) and at least I know what the next media/government attack on me and mine will be – what with me being ill, claiming/having claimed benefits, had the audacity to have children when I was healthy and earning, living in a council house etc, etc …

  144. Jack, much as I think Littlejohn’s piece is a badly researched article which should never have been printed. I cannot agree that the blog you have written is beautiful or eloquent as others have written. If you are in the public eye people are never all going to agree or like you & with blogs written in this style you are just giving them bullets to fire. Do not read these articles, I don’t think anybody who reads the mail will even know who you are anyway but responding with blogs like this will only fuel the fire of idiots like Littlejohn.

    • While I understand this point of view, I would suggest that those reading the article who don’t ‘know’ Jack will think that it must be true if she doesn’t refute the article in some way – which she has. The thing is, having put the correct picture, to move on – which I guess Jack is now doing.

  145. Awesome annihilation of one of the daily Hate’s true soulless vipers. Also wonderful to see that having seen this spread across the internet, so many more people will read your blog.

    Keep it up!

  146. Commenting just to make this page EVEN LONGER. Before Daily Mail who’d have thought some information can actually make you more ignorant. They create information every day that actually empties your brain. Diuretic media. (Proof of Freire’s idea that teaching isn’t just putting knowledge in brains.)

  147. This was a brilliant post Jack! I skim read the main article and its already making my blood boil. Good for you for not taking any of this rubbish lying down. You’re a very inspirational woman.

  148. Excellent article, well said though, only wish Littlejohn would take notice, though I doubt someone like him would give much of a toss whether you correct him or not, he probably spends a good amount of his time sniggering at his genius after he presses send on every soiled page he craps from the States (He doesn’t even live here!), and then more time sniggering at the uproar it causes. He certainly makes a good living spewing idiotic ultra right wing ill informed lying bigoted nazty scaremongering garbage for Der Stürmer, sorry the Daily Hate’s ridiculous right wing propaganda machine.
    In fact I think that’s pretty much all he is known for amongst far too numerous homophobic rants over the years.
    PS. I wouldn’t even line a ferrets cage with a copy of that rag, that’s cruelty to animals 😉

  149. Great response , Jack. Not the first time the vile RL has used the phrase ‘you couldn’t make it up’ in his articles, but he can and does.

  150. My very best compliments to you, Ms Monroe – your son is a very lucky little boy to have a mother like you. And it is a delight to see Mr Littlejohn so thoroughly nailed to the wall. I read the DM daily online along with The Times because I think that reading a paper with which you are in political sympathy is apt to atrophy your critical faculties. The DM in particular is written by some of the worst journalists in the country for some of the nastiest readers.

  151. God I felt physically sick reading his disgusting article. All I can think is your message really must be getting through. Good for you! Really enjoy reading your blog, particularly the political stuff. Keep it up.

  152. Hi Jack, I have never actually read your blog, but I have taken the liberty of visiting and clicking the damn advert, just so I know it rubs it in the face of that obnoxious prick, stand strong and wave the pink flag.

  153. Keep going, I like to think you have just inspired a host of other people to stick up for themselves x

  154. I really think you should sue Richard Little John for libel! He presents you as someone you are clearly not and this damages your reputation. I couldn’t get past the first few sentences because they were all just complete misrepresentations of you and anyone else in a similar situation.

  155. Amazing response, unfortunately I broke my ‘never click on daily fail’ links’ rule to read the poorly written original article, I was disappointed and will not be making that mistake again.

  156. Dear Jack, I was a single mum on benefits from ’68 – ’70, then worked from home till ’71; thereafter I was in ftw. I’ve had the abuse from both sides, first as a “benefits scrounger”, then as a “bad mother” whose child was bound to end up as a juvenile delinquent because I was a working mum. (She actually ended up with a First at Oxford, where she had gained a place from our local comprehensive. Hah! )
    Disappointing, but sadly unsurprising, to realise that Littlejohn & the DM are continuing the hate, but delighted at your marvellous response. And please DO sue him.
    Can I adopt you as an extra grand-daughter?

  157. I believe it was a Stewart Lee routine that concluded with the phrase: “Richard Littlejohn: Cunt (not someone who works as a cunt)”…

  158. You should live your life so that the Westboro Baptist Church want to picket your funeral and that you outrage the Daily Fail.

    Littlejohn is a hack who sadly writes to stir up the prejudices and bile of the small minded that want to feel just a bit self righteous at anyone that doesn’t fit their narrow view of the world. The Daily Diana AKA The Express is just as bad and they even target the Daily Wail’s target audience by saying they are cheaper. Cheaper and just as nasty.

    I find Littlejohn’s assertion that the poor wouldn’t know what kale is preposterous. I was brought up in a rural background by parents that were pretty skint and Mum grew loads of vegetables in the back garden including kale which is lovely in soup. Soup and the Scottish staple mince and tatties were big in our house and mince can be eked out with lots of vegetables and gravy. The surfeit of green beans one year was less welcome…I still can’t face them!

  159. Sigh, the Daily Mail is so hate filled and deluded. Does anybody out there actually believe the drivel they write?

    Why does it still exist?

    Ignore the single hater, there are plenty of supporters 🙂

  160. As always, love your writing, Jack. And skimming — it was all I could do, as I just ate, and didn’t want to lose my lunch — this idiot’s piece made me more and more glad that I live in Canada. (Not that we don’t have our own idiots. But at least we don’t have this particular one.)

  161. Go you! Excellent response to the dross churned out by Littlejohn. His comments about ‘what the poor eat’ turned my stomach. His attacks on your appearance and childcare issues made me want to punch my laptop. Much love!

  162. So, according to Little Dick, I – as someone currently earning less than £20k a year – should not be eating homemade pasta, risotto and pesto. My apologies – I’ll eat Beans on Toast for the next week!

  163. You’d think that a jerk who’s so peeved at your existence would have bothered to get even one or two facts correct. The other words that I have for him probably wouldn’t be very family-friendly.

  164. I do hope you are also going to take that twat Littlejohn to the PCC. I know it won’t have a prayer of succeeding because the editor of the Daily Mail is also the chair of the PCC, but nevertheless, it’s like that drop of water dropping on a stone. Drop, drop, drop, andeventually…

  165. urgh what a rather large w@nker, and as for the kale pesto, well people on very little money like to eat nice things too (other than spaghetti out of the tin, which often costs as much as the pasta dish) and often find it impossible to eat such things on a small budget. more kudos to you Jack for making it possible!

  166. urgh, what a rather large w@nker, and as for the kale pasta, well people on little money like to eat nice things too (other than spaghetti out of the tin, which often costs more than the pasta dish) and find it impossible to on a budget. more kudos to you Jack for making it possible!

  167. Ah, the daily mail. Your daily dose of right wing shit which is encapsulated with misinformation and presented by some sort of failed human being with press credentials and a borderline personality disorder. Littlejohn is the poster boy for everything that is to be loathed and dismissed. Are the daily mail paying him in crayons or something? surely they are not giving him actual ‘money’ for this crap….

    • ‘Ah, the daily mail. Your daily dose of right wing shit which is encapsulated with misinformation and presented by some sort of failed human being with press credentials and a borderline personality disorder.’

      When you apply for a journalism job with the DM (Der Angriff) I believe that that is actually a criteria in the application form. All you need to do is tick the ‘yes’ box or in his case pawprint dipped in ink.

  168. At least you can always fall back on the fact you’ve never driven a primary school teacher to suicide because they had gender reassignment surgery, or that you’re not a bigoted homophobic scumbag working for the daily heil.

  169. oh and people with borderline personality disorder are to be loathed and dismissed? poor choice of wording.

    • I believe that there is a full stop between the bit about BPD and loathing. I am happy to dismiss any notion that Littlejohn has any legitimate reason for expressing his baffling opinions. I beleve there to be only one label for this particular creature ‘arsehole’

  170. Jack, I wrote a silly reply to the first Daily Mail article, yesterday, but didn’t send it. Then this one is out. I suppose the tabloid press will put an article out each week, forever, against you or anyone else putting forward your opinion/thoughts.
    I think it’s good for you to answer them. But don’t waste your time and energy on it. That’s what they want you to do, to get distracted. They’ve got endless resources, you don’t. They can pay for an article a week.
    Can you do something for me? Instead of wasting time on them, cook up some pancakes and a warm drink for you and your family. Go for a nice walk to a playground together. Give energy to yourself, so you don’t burn out. They have unlimited energy to attack you, they don’t want your type being strong, they normally control people like you with their press power.
    So, don’t waste time and energy on them. Give it to your family and your work.
    Vanessa x

  171. This post is epic! I’ve never visited your blog before – I’ve come here from another website – but after reading Littlejohns’s screed in the DM it’s obvious the ignorant fool’s embarrassed himself on an even more epic scale than before.

    Richard Littlejohn is the IDS of tabloid journalism – an ignorant buffoon who doesn’t let the facts get in the way of his ideology.

  172. Reblogged this on Same Difference and commented:
    Richard Littlejohn, enemy of Same Difference and anyone else with a brain, scribbles nonsense. That’s not new.
    Jack Monroe responds with strength and humour. That’s what’s new.

  173. Well said! Thank you very much for ensuring that I didn’t have to increase visit numbers to the DM website to read this bs article.

  174. Wow, Truly inspirational retort! Thank you Jack, just when I was starting to give up on the citizens of this country as being apathetic pushovers (and thinking of joining them), you write this. Well done and thank you again. Could you not enter parliament with refreshingly intelligent head of yours? Please . . .

  175. A nasty article from Littlejohn, but his central point is correct (albeit spoiled by the vitriol he ladled on top). Jack made a choice to have a baby knowing that she couldn’t support it with her then current job. So she left the job and felt it was her right to be paid benefits for 18 months while she found one more convenient. Are benefits really there to support people’s lifestyle choices?

    • Yes, so brave of you to support the government and the media in their hate campaign against women and children. It’s just a shame she doesn’t make more than £50,000 a year, because then she’d be a victim of the evil child benefit tax and could moan about the lack of nannies and good school places with impunity.

      Just remember, everyone: money = rights. Know your place!

  176. I know that this Littlejohn rant is an opinion piece, but even they should surely be supported by something passing for fact. The 6 Ws: Who, What, Where, When, hoW and Why? The journalist’s guide / check-list. The idea, Mr Littlejohn, is to tick all salient boxes for Every assertion you make, such that your “opinion” is based on Fact, not Fantasy.

    Just spreading the word – keep up the great work Jack.

  177. We pick wild kale for FREE from the countryside even though we’re working – radical. Love your blog – Daily Mail sucks.

  178. You are just great! People like Littlejohn have been allowed to grab the microphone and shout their vile nonsense into it for far too long.

    I see that you are also in the Christmas magazine from Waitrose as is Pippa Middelton. This is nothing if not an odd country.

    It’s so good that you have been able to pull yourself out of the pit so I really think you have earned the right to tell Littlejohn to get stuffed.

  179. An eloquent and intelligent response to yet another pile of shite from the Daily Fail. Thanks for the screen shot – I refuse to endorse this ‘news’paper by frequenting its site.

  180. Well done Jack – as a single Mum who has worked every hour God made to raise my children I applaud you. It is tough, and at times the urge to give it all up and claim benefits was so tempting. Watching the single mum down the road on benefits go on her third trip to Corfu in a year was like running a cheese grater down my spine.(to be truthful she did have a bit of unofficial financial support from her ex and rent from one of her teenage children to boost her benefits)
    Now however my children are adults and I am close to retirement, and I have a certain amount of pride in the fact that I did it all by myself.
    I have avoided responding to some of the rediculous and poisonous responses on here as that is just what they are and do not merit comment.
    You go girl.