Reader Recipes: Charlotte’s Borscht

I was sent this recipe by a lovely reader, Charlotte, so thought I would share it here. If you have a recipe you would like to share, email it to me on

I am trying to be really thrifty at the moment as I’m on a postgraduate student living allowance which is being squeezed from every direction. I was making dinner last night and needed to use up some beetroot so I made a vague approximation of borscht, I don’t know if it’s the sort of thing you or your readers might like.

Pack of four cooked (not pickled) beetroot, in small cubes
1 tbsp sunflower oil
Diced small onion
Vegetable stock cube in about 700mL water
Pinch of paprika
Tablespoon plain yogurt
Black pepper
Mixed herbs

I browned the onion and then added the beetroot and the juice from the packet. In next was the stock, the pepper and the herbs. I simmered this for about 10 minutes and then mashed the bits of beetroot with a potato masher. Normally I’d use a stick blender to get it really smooth but mine gave up a couple of months back. I then added the yogurt, followed by a pinch of paprika. I served this with cous cous but it would also go well with bread. This served four adults so I think this works out at about 50p a portion (I shop at Aldi).

All the very best, Charlotte.


  1. I think it would cost less than that as Aldi’s often have 4 beetroot for around 50p, also I would add a bit of shredded cabbage for texture at little cost.

  2. For the more authentic borscht may I suggest a carrot, a potato and some cabbage added, or beet leaves instead of the cabbage? In spring you can add the nettle leaf tops or even the ground elder. That would add to the flavour and won’t cost a penny.Then it will be a borscht rather than a beet soup.

  3. It’s so lovely to see more and more people experimenting and sharing for others to try out, gives me hope that home cooked food from scratch is on it’s way back, well done Jack reckon this is quite a snow ball effect you’ve got going xx

  4. I just might give this recipe a try. I love soups and have never made one from beetroot and that is something I always have in my fridge but usually only eat it cold with a salad. Thank you Charlotte and Jack xx

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