Ready Meal Revolution: Starbucks Berry Bircher, £2.35, or make it at home, 37p.


My ‘berry bircher breakfast pot’ (foreground) costs a sixth of the price of its coffee shop counterpart (background), even with the pumpkin seed and cranberry adornment – which I included to try to be as consistent with the original as possible – they’re nice but by no means essential! And to be accurate with costs, I counted the pumpkin seeds in my 100g packet. All 779 of them. And the cranberries and sultanas. There were 276 of those. I might invest in some decent electronic scales eventually…

Ingredients, makes two. They look small but they are incredibly filling!

50g porridge oats
200g natural yoghurt
50g frozen mixed berries (defrost by rinsing in cold water)
Approx 20 pumpkin seeds (level tsp)
Approx 20 dried cranberries and sultanas (level tbsp)

Combine the oats, berries and yoghurt in a bowl with a splash of water to loosen if it’s a little thick. Spoon into two ramekin dishes or portable pots (I find those pots that value soft cheese come in, with the snap on lid, are a great size). Top with the dried fruit and pumpkin seeds.

They can be eaten immediately, or chilled in the fridge and eaten within two days.

Ingredient costs Sainsburys, basics range where available, correct at time of printing:
50g oats, 6p (1kg/£1.19). 200g yoghurt, 22p (500g/55p). 100g frozen berries, 32p (400g/£1.29). 20 pumpkin seeds, 1p (100g/85p). 20 cranberries and sultanas, 12p (£1.65/250g).

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