Reader recipes: Gill’s potatoes, tomatoes and cheese.

I had this email and recipe from Gill earlier this week, and it’s my kind of recipe – with no strict quantities or weighing or measuring! I have all of these ingredients at home so after what promises to be a busy day today, here’s what I’m having for my dinner…

Hi Jack, love your blog and your tips!

Here’s a great recipe, it’s cheap, filling, and everybody loves it!

You need (in whatever quantities will suit your needs)

One tin of tomatoes (chopped, if cheaper, or chop own)
Salt & Pepper

Slice the potatoes and the onions thinly.
Layer in a lidded dish, interspersing with the cheese (can be grated, cheese that has gone a bit hard, even blue cheese works, so just whatever cheese you have, in whatever quantities you have).
Season each layer.
Half way through tip half of the tinned tomatoes in.
Continue layering and seasoning.
Finish with the rest of the tinned tomatoes.

Bake for a couple of hours or so on a medium (about 170/180) heat. Or can be microwaved if you are in a rush. This dish is very forgiving in terms of how you cook it.

Tasty enough to serve alone or have as an accompaniment to sausages, chicken thighs, etc.,

It’s a great standby ‘store cupboard’ dish!

Hope it’s useful!


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