Reader recipes: Gill’s potatoes, tomatoes and cheese.

I had this email and recipe from Gill earlier this week, and it’s my kind of recipe – with no strict quantities or weighing or measuring! I have all of these ingredients at home so after what promises to be a busy day today, here’s what I’m having for my dinner…

Hi Jack, love your blog and your tips!

Here’s a great recipe, it’s cheap, filling, and everybody loves it!

You need (in whatever quantities will suit your needs)

One tin of tomatoes (chopped, if cheaper, or chop own)
Salt & Pepper

Slice the potatoes and the onions thinly.
Layer in a lidded dish, interspersing with the cheese (can be grated, cheese that has gone a bit hard, even blue cheese works, so just whatever cheese you have, in whatever quantities you have).
Season each layer.
Half way through tip half of the tinned tomatoes in.
Continue layering and seasoning.
Finish with the rest of the tinned tomatoes.

Bake for a couple of hours or so on a medium (about 170/180) heat. Or can be microwaved if you are in a rush. This dish is very forgiving in terms of how you cook it.

Tasty enough to serve alone or have as an accompaniment to sausages, chicken thighs, etc.,

It’s a great standby ‘store cupboard’ dish!

Hope it’s useful!


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  1. Here’s a co-incidence! I had nothing but these same ingredients the other day, and the gas had run out. I have an electric frypan (off the tip!) so I softened the onions, seasoned, added chopped tinned tomatoes and topped with very thinly sliced spuds. Covered with the lid and cooked until the potatoes were soft. Cover with grated cheese, lid and cook until the cheese is melted. Me and he shared it straight out of the pan with some bread and butter. Yum.

  2. I had a similar meal last night, but included a layer of frozen mixed vegetables, and instead of the tomatoes, made a sauce from onion, plain flour, milk and cheese, tsp of mustard, salt & pepper which I blended together and poured over raw, before baking it all in my halogen oven.

    My Dad passed away earlier this year, and I inherited his brand new halogen oven which is so much cheaper on electricity that I always use it now, rather than my regular electric oven, which costs a fortune in electricity.

  3. We do this but instead of potatoes use courgettes from my dad’s garden. Just need some bread to mop up the juices.

  4. I used to make something like this but I had to stop because I was incapable of stopping myself from eating the entire thing. It is truly delicious and moreish and comforting.

  5. Well that’s tomorrow’s dinner sorted (left over half tin of tomatoes, days old grated cheese I thought I’d have to throw away and a 14p tin of potatoes (bound to cook quicker with those!) – and the compulsory garlic added to the onions.Thanks Gill

  6. I’m a Uni student and a single mum and I spent more on heating the house than I should have this week so this is tonight’s dinner. I have everything in my fridge, what a lifesaver.

  7. Jack I have been following you on twitter and on your blog since the delightful Littlejohn gave you such great publicity ! I made this recipe because I work from home and my two sons who are at secondary school are always starving by 5pm when I am officially still at work ! So I am trying to find recipes I can prepare at lunchtime which are quick and then can be doled out later. They loved this with chicken which I cooked in the oven at the same time (whole chicken with loads of meat from it which can be used for other meals) plus frozen veg. But I loved it more tonight as a bed for a poached egg and some ham plus extra black pepper and cayenne – totally lovely and so quick !

  8. I served this for guests today – with great success. I added a shake of dried oregano, a shake of dried basil and 3 crushed cloves of garlic to the tomatoes and I also added a *tiny* bit of bacon between the layers.

    Easy, filling and delicious!

    Thanks Gill and Jack 🙂

  9. If I was going to do this in a slow cooker would there be enough moisture or would I need to splash out with a splash of white wine in the bottom??

  10. I thought I’d update to say I did this in the slow cooker with the splash of white wine, and dotted with butter on the top, and it was excellent!

  11. Really enjoyed this. Served with a couple of flat grilled mushrooms and a side of greens. Yum! Thanks for sharing Gill’s recipe, x

  12. I use a variation on this recipe to use up old spuds and tins of sweetcorn that have been opened and are sitting in the fridge!

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