1. reposting from the banany curry comments:
    – Grate 1/2 and add to a tomato sauce, grate the second 1/2 and add to mash (both indetectable for children, if you want them to get all the goodness)
    – or cut into matchsticks and glaze as you would carrots (http://www.easy-french-food.com/glazed-carrots-recipe.html, don’t forget to sprinkle with chopped parsley before serving. Mixing with glazed carrots also works)
    – or serve raw with a mayonnaise dip,
    – dice and add to minestrone,
    – stuff with mince (http://easteuropeanfood.about.com/od/crossculturalmaincourses/r/stuffedkohlrabi.htm) or rice or a combination of both (stale bread works well in the mixture, too)
    – shave with a potato peeler and add to a summery glass noodle salad (http://www.thaicookeryschool.com/recipe/spicy-glass-noodle-salad-108.html, lime/lemon, chilli, onions, garlic, fish sauce/anchovy are essential and I’d add a generous pinch of sugar plus shaved carrot. You can lose all the other ingredients …)

    have fun

  2. Here’s a most delicious & simple winter salad we often eat in the winter:
    Moroccan Orange & Red Onion Salad (serves 2-3)
    take 2 oranges to 1/4 of a red onion, peel & remove any excess pith from the oranges then slice into circles. Place on a large flat platter or plate. Repeat wiv the onion but be sure to slice thinly. Separate out the individual onion rings and scatter over the orange. Drizzle wiv olive oil & voila! (U could use ordinary onion & whatever oil you have to hand of course but it would make the taste less ‘sunny’ I reckon:))

  3. I love salad made from finely choppped broccoli, finely chopped cauliflower, a bit of grated cheddar, and whatever nuts or seeds you have (walnuts, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds etc) for crunch. Dress it in mayo diluted with lemon juice and a splash of pomegranate molasses (I just love that ingredient which is still fairly new to me!)

  4. Have you tried cauliflower rice ? Take fresh cauliflower and grate or put through the grater of a processor, tip into salted boiling water, and after a few minutes you have cauliflower rice. Great way to get the dreaded white stuff into the children! Or for adults, sprinkle with crushed chilli. Great with a chilli or anything else in my book. X

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