As published in the Guardian, 13th Nov 2013 and G2 magazine, 14th Nov 2013.

Leftover berries and yoghurt can be used to make berry Bircher, and cream cheese could be stirred into that kale pesto…

Jack Monroe. Twitter: @MsJackMonroe


  1. Foraged Blackberries. The only person I saw picking blackberries in the wild this year was me, as it were. Most of the “crop” withered on the stems, and this was at a popular point near where people park cars, then walk past as they walk their dogs in the country.

    I’ll try this – once I purchased some chocolate [I don’t normally eat it].

    Rose hips are still on the stems, high in various vitamins, got any ideas?

  2. Really? We had people going up and down all the hedgerows for 8 weeks or so. Rose hip syrup is the classic to use hips for, saw it somewhere, Hugh fearnley whittingstall I think, used in ice cream which sounds really nice

  3. Frozen bananas whizzed in the liquidiser with a little milk make fantastic creamy ice cream – eat quickly before it melts. If you add some frozen berries, frozen banana and a bit of yoghurt, you have instant whip-type frozen yoghurt with no waiting for it to refreeze.

  4. I tried this today but felt it needed another 100g of white chocolate to cope with the yoghurt and cream cheese volume. Disappointing as it wasn’t sweet enough.

    • Oh I’m sorry to hear that! I’ve made these a few times and found them to be quite sweet – but then I don’t have much of a sweet tooth myself.

      For readers thinking of making these, don’t be put off! Just taste the mixture before freezing and add a little sugar if you think it needs it. 🙂

      • I tasted the mixture and only added 200g of yogurt. It ended up tasting like a frozen berry cheesecake. I liked it and would make it again.

  5. Made these and they were delicious! I used the advised 100g white chocolate (minus a chunk or two that got lost in taste testing) and added in a spoon of lemon curd. Didn’t mix it too thoroughly and enjoyed finding blobs of cream cheese/fruit, and was the right level of sweetness for me personally.. popular with the flatmate as well!

    Will definitely do again!

  6. Absolutely love these- thanks Jack- have made several times. Frozen cherries are amazing in it. I have found that if you first mix the cream cheese and yogurt with the melted chocolate before adding the fruit that you get a nice smooth mixture. if the fruit goes in first you get little lumps of chocolate, which is still nice but I prefer smooth version. Plenty sweet for me as per the recipe.

    Haven’t tried the other options- for the dark chocolate and mint version would I still use frozen fruit or not? Thanks again!

  7. I have made a similar dish from your book – the peanut butter frozen yogurt, and i just wondered how long it will keep in the freezer. Do you know?

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