Forced to pay the bedroom tax…for a dialysis machine.


For everyone that still doesn’t realise how evil and twisted this is. I don’t care what you call it, ‘bedroom tax’ or ‘spare room subsidy’ or ‘the machinations of a psychopath’, read this article.

And this one:

And this one:

And this one:

There are dozens more examples I could link to – this is not an exceptional case.

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  1. I think that this aspect of the so-called “austerity measures” is one of the most wicked actions by any government in my lifetime. They should be totally ashamed of themselves.

  2. This is I disgusting no way should this person,or any other disabled person needing life saving equipment,be charged bedroom taxes.

  3. Joy Clark – impotent fury sums up my thoughts too. Most people I know find this abhorrent. SO where do the ideas gain there ‘legitimacy’?

    On another note, a friend of mine recently found out that she is no longer going to receive disability benefit. She has bipolar disorder Stress and lack of sleep caused by financial worries and/or an immediate return to paid work are known triggers. Do you, or anyone else reading this, know where I can access more information on this problem- either what to do about it or to find out how many other people are in the same boat?

    Sorry to hijack this post but I am not sure the best place to turn to for resources that could help.

    Thank you

  4. Mary – Check your area and see if you can find your local Disability Action Group. Also there are groups/pages on Facebook where you can ask for advice/help. Welfare News Service or The-People-Vs-The-Government-DWP-and-Atos (it is via the latter that I came to be reading this blog!)

  5. Thanks for sharing this article bringing shame and ‘ludicrous logic’ in the welfare reform.
    Their system seems to not allow individual cases.
    Lack of Humanity – it categorize you badly in their pigeon hole to follow the same rule as everyone else, not understanding the suffering implied. It’s the vulnerable at disadvantage that need the most help yet it is made so difficult for them, so straining and discouraging for them to fight.
    Bring awareness, appeal, write to the right Lord…somebody will listen in the hope to push for implementing better laws to protect those who are penalized in this unfair system.

  6. I think anyone affected or who feels strongly about this issue, should lobby their MP & hound them to raise the matter again & again.

  7. I am a young mother with an end stage kidney failure. I need a kidney transplant very soon. dialysis is not a option for me due to my other complex medical conditions that I have. But I am reading into home dialysis just in case.we own or private house and bedroom tax is not a issue for us. But from my little research I found out that it is quite costly for NHS to adapt a room for dialysis use. nhs already spend that much money because in long run it s actually cost effective if patient do home dialysis. Now ith bedroom tax, if the patient can’t pay for bedroom tax, in my understanding they have to move out. So ll these NHS investment for altation and adaption will be wasted and that individual must return to dialysis centre for treatment. Where is the logic here. Isn’t it just passing the bucket to each other. I get very annoyed when NHS money get wasted because of all these ill decisions. It seems no one can think logically any more ad we became a nation of the box ticking or simply “the computer said no!” Without a tiny logic. All the best to all specially those with kidney failure.

  8. Clearly, the bozos that came up with the bedroom tax idea hadn’t considered people with dialysis machines, but that’s not really the problem – is it? The problem, AS ALWAYS, is trying to apply the same set of rules to every situation and every person in a misguided attempt at fairness or equality. Those Labour muppets are no different – they’re just as capable of f@%$*#g up peoples lives as the current lot in government.

  9. This present government are acting like they are in the 19th century and we are the savages and they are the civilised English colonials bringing the benefits of their wisdom and civilisation to the rest of us barbarians, which translates as making us the enemy and declaring war on us till we are wiped out or demoralised or otherwise subdued and can’t fight back anymore. They’ve been watching ‘Zulu’ or other nationalistic jingoistic claptrap where the posh Englishman rules by his superior birthright and his ‘born to rule dontchaknow?!’ attitude and this overblown sense of entitlement many Upper Middle class people seem to have, with usually nothing else to offer anyone. The jerkoffs who voted these people in and who might be suffering because of it may now see what we all knew all along when they got in power, that they would try to turn Britain into the last outpost of empire, playing out their posh boy fantasies and making us the natives to be despised, exploited, ignored, crushed or at best patronised. Goodness gracious, it seems the majority of people in England are gluttons for punishment!!! When are we going to start to judge people on their worth and talents and accomplishments and the content of their character, instead of allowing privileged types, who are always in the minority, to go unquestioned and unchallenged into positions of privilege and power? Isn’t it time all you non privileged people out there started to ask why if we are supposed to be a democracy why only rich, privately educated privileged people seem to be in all the positions of power and influence. And, if they are, whose interests are they going to be concerned with???

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