Apologies to my readers that don’t have a lavender bush: I have a tiny one, and I adore it. I have a small garden, but before that relied on my window ledge to grow herbs and other edibles. Now I have that small garden, my motto is I’m not going to grow anything that I can’t eat! So, lavender. Simple, hardy, delicious, versatile lavender.
This ‘recipe’, so simple that I feel it is more an idea than a stricture, is one I have been brewing up for a few nights now. I have recently (mostly) given up tea and coffee, seeking a more calming environment for my head and my days. The first few days were difficult without regular fixes of caffeine, but I feel better and more rested for it. That’s not to say I’m on a total ban, I had a cup of tea at my Nans house earlier; but I’m certainly drinking a lot less than I used to.
So, lavender tea. Light, lavendery, and extremely useful for those of us who struggle to sleep well at night.
1 teaspoon of lavender buds per person
1 teaspoon of sweetness of your choice: honey, sugar, sweetener….
Pour boiling water over the lavender, stir well, cover with a saucer or similar, and leave for five minutes to steep.
Strain the tea into another cup to remove the lavender buds (optional, they are edible so you can leave them in if you don’t mind ‘crunchy bits’!
Stir in your sweetener of choice – and sip serenely… šŸ™‚
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(and here’s one I’m saving for bedtime!)