1. Jack – the new words accepted by the People’e English Dictionary this week (you won’t find them in the Oxford or Cambridge versions)…SELFIE – a politician in the business for himself. WELFIE – a politician who accepts that we are ‘all in this together’ by looking after his many rich friends.

    Keep that fire in your soul burning 🙂

  2. Capitalism in Britain started with piracy, robbing Spanish gold and the beginnings of slavery. Doesn’t sound that much has changed really. Except the pirates are in parliament or some kind of power, we are the slaves and they are stealing money off us. Shiver me timbers!

  3. I object strongly to paying for MP’s second homes and for many of the allowances they are able to claim. However I am not in favour of people on benefits being able to live in homes that are larger than they need. If I as a homeowner (with very little income as a pensioner) want extra space I would have to pay for a larger house. Why should my hard earned taxes – and yes on my small income I do go over the tax allowance – go to provide extra space for someone who, for whatever reason, is not working?

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