Shameless MPs who voted to keep the bedroom tax claimed £3.2million for their own “spare bedrooms”: Daily Mirror


For the full article, click here: Shameless MPs who voted to keep the bedroom tax claimed £3.2million for their own spare bedrooms, Jack Monroe for the Daily Mirror, 21 November 2013.

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  1. Those who voted for the bedroom tax whilst claiming expenses for their own spare bedrooms and houses are hypocrites one and all. Whilst the effects of the austerity cuts and taking much needed financial help from those at the bottom of society in direst may effect people for a generation, these people are making sure they do not have a moment’s discomfort and yet are actively voting for the further pauperisation of those who are already suffering and struggling in this economic climate they never created.

    I comment on these issues because I grew up poor myself in a house that was not really fit for human habitation even though both of my parents worked. Low wages and depressing reality has been a part of my life for a long time. It has affected me for a long time too. When are we going to demand a fairer system, regulated capitalism, which starts with more of the money being spread more equally in the form of a living wage, the closing down of tax loopholes for the rich tax dodgers, the idea that we can actually work together and not against each other and that political ideology of any kind takes second place to pragmatic reality and – whisper it – practical concern and compassion for other people instead of the selfish naked greed that will sooner or later destroy the world and is now destroying the fabric of societies all over the world. This is not utopian fantasy or naïve, just common sense.

  2. It’d be a nice idea to post a list of those MPs who voted to keep the Bedroom Tax – just for information and to enable people to see just what their own MP is voting for !

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