WAR ON WELFARE: Please sign and share this petition.

Brothers and sisters, comrades and friends:

You have 1,440 minutes in your day, every single day.

Please take just one of those to sign the War On Welfare petition.

This petition has just two weeks to get another 4,000 signatures, to grant it a debate in Parliament.

Please sign this and share it on all available networks: Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blogs – imagine passing this email up, and we miss this debate by just one signature..? Don’t let it be yours.

Petition here, and suggested tweet:

You have 1440 minutes in a day, please spend 1 signing & RTing the #WOWpetition HERE: http://t.co/mcMsOV84RC

Yours faithfully,

Jack Monroe.
Twitter: @MsJackMonroe
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/agirlcalledjack

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  1. I’d love to sign it & support you, but when I tried, it wouldn’t let me go on when I said “no” to being a British/ UK citizen/ resident!!!

    • sadly if you don’t live here you can’t sign 🙁
      but if you have friends that do pass it onto them 🙂

      also for anyone else you will receive an automated email please remember to click the confirm signature link that comes in it, some 15000 have signed but not confirmed so they wont count

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