#JACKSPETITION – Investigate hunger and foodbank use in the UK NOW. Please sign and share.


Today I have launched a campaign in the Daily Mirror, a petition to investigate the causes of food bank use and hunger in the UK today. After speaking at both major party conferences this summer about the realities of food banks and poverty in the UK, after sharing my experiences again and again, after countless reports from Oxfam and the Trussell Trust that show food bank use is on the rise in Britain today – the time has come to do something about it.

In partnership with the Daily Mirror’s “Give Our Kids A Christmas” campaign, please follow the links and sign the petition, to generate a debate in Parliament about the need for food banks in Britain. This is not a “big society”. This is a Broken Britain. Please help me to try and fix it, not for me, but for the 80,000 children who will wake up homeless on Christmas day, for the half a million people reliant on food banks to help them feed themselves and their families, for the 1 in 5 families in Britain who regularly miss meals so their children can eat.

Please sign and share the link below. Thankyou.

To sign “Jacks Petition”, click here.


  1. Good idea, Jack – I’ve signed! Is there a target number of signatures and what happens when you reach that amount?

    • As many as possible, the goal is to get a debate in Parliament about it. Managed to get to Parliament in June about food banks, so it’s doable, but I just want everyone that thinks it needs investigating to say it all collectively, so here’s a good place to start!

  2. Ah ok, I see! By the way, I work in public affairs so if you ever need any help with tracking debates, or what MPs are asking Qs on foodbanks etc I’d be happy to help. I would offer help on lobbying too but I have a feeling your connections might be better than mine 😉 keep up the good work!

  3. I see the Government has recently redefined fuel poverty, so it now only counts if you have higher than average fuel costs. No doubt they will soon decide that food poverty only applies to those with unusually large appetites. Good on you and good luck

  4. As with fuel poverty. I am sure the government will simply ‘reclassify’ ‘hungry people’ to the daily mails definition of ‘slim proletarian’. food banks will probably be reclassified in the governments distorted view as ‘complimentary nutritional distribution centres’ They will probably go on to release a leaflet on how a ‘CNDC’ customer can order from a range of sought after goods on-line and get it delivered. Unfortunately though, no link to the on-line ordering website will be included in the leaflet.

    welcome to the big society. And remember! A governments first duty is to protect its people. however, protection from poverty, low income, cold or an emaciated line of people and families stood outside a modern day version of a charity soup kitchen is not in the governments official definition of ‘protection’ or anything else for that matter..

    David Cameron is currently cosying up to the Chinese for trade. Here is a man who has no moral objection in doing business with a country that has shocking and widespread human rights abuses, inhumane working conditions, state control of liberties and freedoms of speech that are enforced in china. I commend and support your actions but i know and understand the Tory party all too well.

  5. Brilliant idea Jack I have signed, their is no way this should be happening in this day and age, in this country. It is frightening, and worrying so it is great to try and help to get it out and debated about more.

  6. It beggars belief that in this day and age Foodbanks are needed. Petition signed.
    Couldn’t believe the news I heard yesterday that they are redefining fuel poverty to make it look like fewer people are struggling with their bills than actually are. How underhand!
    This shower in government just don’t seem to stop hammering the poorer and more vulnerable members of society do they?

  7. I would very much like to sign your petition but when i click on the link I just get a blank page. Is this due to my severely limited technical abilities or is there another explanation ?

    PS : my local Tesco in Norfolk is requesting donations for food banks and gives an extra 30%. Mean but better than nothing and worth checking in your area.

  8. Jack,

    A question or two,

    1. If this goes to debate, who will represent the interests of the petition in Parliement? How does this get decided upon?

    2. Here we have Political Action committees (PACs), what do you have into in the UK that serves the same purpose.

    Just trying to understand the politics of this as much sat he need.

    Be well,


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